diamond plate embossed card?

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    in looking for some card thats embossed with a diamond plate type pattern does anbody have any ideas on this,i followed one of the links on the top of the page to a site called avant card that do small panels of laser embossed card i really need it in a4 size so i can print quite large model parts on it (example: entire top deck of gpms panzerjeagerwagen ) which is bigger than the panels the site offers
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    I don't have a quick answer, and not sure what you can find in the UK, but in the States we have a lot of "craft" stores that stock many things, including patterned papers, decorated papers, metallic papers, etc. Shops that sell supplies for crafts, shops that sell specialty papers, gift-wrapping supplies; these might be good places to look. Perhaps you can find the pattern you want on a metal plate or a roller, and emboss the paper yourself. I'm pretty sure that diamond plate pattern can be found on plastic sheets by Plastruct or Evergreen, and these might serve as a template to emboss slightly dampened paper.


    It's not A4, but a quick use of google shows diamond plate embossed paper made for afficianados of Harley Davidson motorcycles:


    Hobby sites, scrap-booking sites, etc., talk about "distressing" paper, which includes embossing techniques.
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    Here you go, sir. I think this is right up yer alley ....


    edit: Oops, sry. I see you already visited this site. My bad .....:mrgreen:

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    that stuff on the Harley Davidson motorcycles i wonder how that would look at scale back to avant card...can laser embossed card be printed on with an inkjet? what i after this for is so i can scan parts from several kits a print them on the embossed diamond plate pattern IF i can pull it off or even find suitible matirial the effect should be amazing
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    I think that most papers and cardstocks can be put through inkjet; whether or not the ink sticks is another matter. Some media for inkjets, however, don't work in laser printers, since the paper in a laser printer gets quite hot, and some inkjet media have special films that melt into a gooey mess when you put them in a laser printer. You have some searching and experimenting ahead of you.

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