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Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by barry, May 9, 2007.

  1. barry

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    A bit of a marketing exercise I got a request for, as usual no real scale This one is simplified hopefully enough for kids to do. If necessary I will make the engines square. I also missed off the the 4 stringers which give a bit of curvature to the fuselage. The tail is at the wrong angle. No formers involved. I'm struggling through the paint job. I am quite pleased with the engine nacelles in general but the wheel spats require some attention.

    If any one has a pic of this plane from the back I would appreciate seeing it. I shall do no more on this mockup I know pretty much where it needs strengthening etc so it might turn out half way decent.

    In fact it would make a great model with much more work it needs seats and a cockpit etc. There are so many colour schemes for this aircraft you could have fun for years and it has no guns for a change.

    I am surprised they don't resurrect this little kite for Africa so simple yet so effective, modern is not always best. You will gather I fell in love with it and I have no doubt I will come back to it.

    My apologies for the way it has been thrown together come to think of it most of my recent ones look that way I looked at my old Fuso and thought deterioration is setting in.............since then





    Does this idiot think it's that good ?

    The english contingent will probably recognise the registration number

    ps the tail plane camoflage is where I dropped it in the coffee cup
  2. Leif Oh

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    Is this what you mean?

    Hello Barry,

    please specify what you mean by pictures from the back - is this of any help? Holler if you need anything else; I've got several good links.

  3. barry

    barry Active Member


    Great thank you. The first one gave the view of the nacelles I needed

    best wishes barry
  4. Rick Thomson

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    Nice one Barry, did DeHavilland ever build an aircraft that didn't look good?
  5. sdk2knbk

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    Nice, Barry. Another one of my favorites. Here's a good drawing I came across somewhere. Should be useful if you don't already have a copy. Also another of the DH-84 for comparison.

    Scott K.
  6. sparrowhawk

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    Barry, you know there is a superb DH89 by Schreiber Modellbaubogen in 1/24 Scale? Have a look at moduni.de !
  7. barry

    barry Active Member


    Scott thanks for the drawings much better than the tiny one I used .

    Rick no I liked all of DH's planes

    Sparrowhawk thanks for the tip unfortunately for what is wanted here it's relatively expensive and complicated and the wrong colours I would not mind building it for myself though.

    This is one of those jobs where I will probably add a flat card chuck glider just in case it is too difficult for some.

  8. Bengt F

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    De Havilland Dragon Rapide


    This is one of my favourites, too, from the 'Golden Era' of aviation.

    Here´s a link to Schreiber-Bogen and their 1:24 scale De Havilland DH89 'Dragon Rapide': http://www.schreiber-bogen.com/ -just click 1. The UK flag 2. Catalogue and 3. aeroplanes - it´s the fourth from the top in the left-hand row.

    This is how it looks when built, with the starboard engine running:

    And this is a link to Moduni.de in Germany, if you would like to order it: http://www.moduni.de/product_info.php/products_id/6098610

    Bengt :D
  9. barry

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    DH Rapide


    many thanks it's beautiful and very likely beyond my capabilities either to build or design. I am amazed at the quality of the engine nacelle fronts wish I could meet the designer and get him to tell me how he did it. I think I would be looking for a CmdrTed type plastic vac.

    What I am trying to do is build one for kids with no experience and believe me I'm finding it hard to do.

    Think I will stick to ships somehow.

    best regards

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