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    OK - lets see what kind of spunk the members here might have to get Z back on track.....

    This will be a shortish contest at 60 days. On friday (to allow people to get ready) I will release a spreadsheet that list all the DGA models (ones I already have pics for will be crossed out). I am sure many of you are familiar with DGA models - but I am sure many of you dont know how many they actually have.... I have been given 180 so have to get lots of builds done in short order!

    Here is how it will work:
    1. You will get one model on your first request - first come first served.
    2. After completion of the first you can pick up to THREE at any one time to have in your build queue. Finish one pick another - finish 3 pick 3. This is to make it easier for those of you following the assembly line technique since you only have 60 days....
    3. If you supplied me with a pic of a completed model you can start with THREE models as choices - you have until friday to supply me with pics of a model.
    4. One point per model completed - I want to keep it simple.
    5. When sending me pics (build thread not required but appreciated) make sure the filename is in the format of "model file name"-x.jpg - to illustrate if you pick t33001 as your model then your image name will be t33001-1.jpg and t33001-2.jpg etc. I wont give points if you dont follow this one rule. Any size is fine for the pics. Please use good lighting though

    hmmmm I should also mention the prize.... one prize for most builds....

    You will get ALL the models I offer as Ecardmodel Exclusives. This is:

    1/32 Caudron G4 Escadrille 11 Value $6.50
    1/33 Bell 206-L long ranger Value $5.00
    1/33 Bell 206B Jet Ranger Value $5.00
    1/33 Corsair F4U-1D Nightfighter lightning Value $6.00
    1/400 me109-spitfire dogfight Value $3.00
    1/45 Dehavilland Sea Vixen Red Bull Livery Value $7.95
    1/45 Dehavilland Sea Vixen Red Bull Livery Value Metallic $7.95
    1/45 Dehavilland Sea Vixen Fleet Air Arm Livery $7.95
    1/48 Mi-6 Hook Helicopter Value $5.00
    1/48 Nieuport 11 Joseph Vuillemin Value $4.95
    1/48 OP-2E Neptune US Navy Value $9.00
    1/72 Hawker Typhoon Value $1.50
    US Marine Figure Value $1.00

    Total Value: $70.80

    Link to the spreadsheet - put your email in next to the model you want and I will send it to you when I check the sheet :)



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