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    I've started on another boat. Uh oh two going at once. This is out of a book called "Devlin's Boat Building: how to bild any boat the stitch-and-glue way"

    Samual Devlin has developed a method of boat building which uses plywood and fiberglass. He stitches the plywood parts together with wire, then puts fiberglass fillet joints over the wire. Then he removes the wire and fiberglasses the whole thing. A nice process to imitate with paper since paper is so much like plywood. I might stitch it with thread. Or maybe not it might work well enough at this size to just use paper fillet joints.

    I like this one better than the Cheasepeak Bay flattie. Her lines are much more graceful.

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    This aught to be interesting to watch. Luck with that.
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    There's lots of good stitch and glue designs. I think you are right about good card models from these designs. Be careful in those cold waters though. I lived a year and a half in Ancorage back in 72-73. BILL

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