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Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by Zathros, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. Zathros

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    This thread is well, kind of a cop out, but, if you go looking through all of the pages, you will find many, many models, with download links, that sometimes you have to go through "Rings of Fire" to get, and here, it is much easier. Please don't post any direct links, but if you come across something really interesting, ( subjective and broad opinions welcome, don't be shy!) post the link to the DeviantArt page that has it. Thanks!:yinyang1:
  2. legion

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    The ones I can see on there and want the most are the MASK vehicles... But they are/were one offs...
  3. lehcyfer

    lehcyfer Member

    I'll start with something very happily received by small girls.

    In other words a great present for a daughter or a niece :)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  4. ThunderChild

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  5. Zathros

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    Those are cute. I have some nieces that would love those, and they're in their 20's. Heck, my wife would like those!

    I was surprised by how many models are on Deviant Art. Those guys aren't that Deviant at all!

    Thunderchild, I have your link bookmarked. Thanks!
  6. Zathros

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    Thanks for the links Ruben! Excellent!
  7. chajal

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    o_O Me has dejado impresionado Rubén.
  8. Zathros

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    A mi tambien!

    Me too!
  9. Zathros

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  10. bf109

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  11. ekuth

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    Good links all around.

    And BF109, I love your avatar.
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  12. bf109

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    nice he , thought zathros would like it also, knowing he's valen's helpmate :)
  13. allhallowseve

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  14. RocketmanTan

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    Though I've been linking to me models on my dA site recently, I might as well get a wee bit self-obsessed here and post mine :rolleyes::p

    By the way, thanks lehcyfer for linking to the MLP paper ponies! So far, I've only built paper-replika's Rainbow Dash, so I haven't tried my hand yet at kna's ponies.
  15. Zathros

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    I think that anyone who has a DeviantArt link should post in this thread and share or show their work, why not! :)
  16. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    Totoro is one of my favorite movies. That CatBus is really cool! It must seem strange to anyone who has not seen the movie!

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