Deutsch Loco in the USA?

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by CN1, Jun 27, 2004.

  1. CN1

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    Came across this rather "unusual" locomotive :eek: .
    Did not find much on it except it's was from Germany (Krauss-Maffei)
    and used somekind of hydraulic transmission. :confused: :confused:

    I wonder how it would look on a layout...

  2. CN1

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  3. cidchase

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    Found quite a bit of info on this strange machine, here's one site:

    Apparently all scrapped by '68. It's my impression that
    diesel-hydraulic requires more maintenance than diesel-electric,
    and may not be as fuel-efficient. Plus, who wants an oil leak on
    a locomotive? (greases the wheels) :D :D :D Are there other hydraulic
    locos in service now????? I dunno, but would not be surprised.

    CN1's photos show the two types. I think models were sold by Riv
    and OMI.
  4. CN1

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    Thanks a million cidchase :thumb: :thumb: :wave:

    Weird machines for sure :rolleyes: :eek: :)
  5. NYC-BKO

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    MAK still produces them in Germany for the european market or they did in the nineties.

    The second picture looks like a cab rebuild of the Alco DH640. ( kitbash )

    The K-M units were on the SP & D&RGW, I know they tested on the NYC.
  6. RailRon

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    In the early 60's the German firm of Krauss-Maffei wanted to get a foot into the door of the American diesel loco business. So they built the ML-4000 (Mountain Locomotive, 4000 hp, I believe) for the SP and the D&RGW.

    But on the mountain lines they flopped and were relegated to flat terrain. The diesel-hydraulic drive couldn't stand the stress of American mountain railroading. :( (However, in Germany diesel-hydraulics were and are very succesful and you can meet them daily on non-electrified lines.)

    AHM/Rivarossi made a beautiful model of the ML-4000 (see pic below). Would you believe that in 1967/68 the powered model was sold for $12.95 and the dummy for $5.95? :eek: :eek: :eek: :cool:


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  7. RioGrande

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    I'd wager the first picture is of one of the ex-D&RGW Krausse Maffai locos - I can tell because of the air intake vents added by the Rio Grande to make them tunnel motors. Those are the ones low on the body, for and aft of the fuel tank.

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