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  1. RonP

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    I made a nice little how-to up on how to do these on my site

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  2. great how to Ron, and very nice looking trees, i book marked your link......Thanks!:thumb:
  3. modelsof1900

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    very good looking trees. Really old oaks! Very good done !!! :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

    I think that you must avoid a laterly bent of limbs. Or did you use a flexible plaster for caoting of wood? However I do not know such a plaster, or?

  4. RonP

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    i used normal durabond 90 for plaster bent it slightly and no problems arise. Also for up to a day they are still green enough to move ever so slightly in HO ever so slightly is about hmm 6 feet lol. paint the cracks and its all good.

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