Detail in the alco models ep-4 roof

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  1. haberbeckbrandao

    haberbeckbrandao Carlos AHB

    Hi, good night.

    I'd like to know the function of the circular device located in the roof of the EP-4 electric engine, as shown in these pictures below. The brass model is from Alco Models, and the second engine is a Frateschi GE 2+C-C+2 (CP) the export version of the EP-4 sent to Brazil in the 30's
    Many thanks by any information :thumb:.

  2. Zathros

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    I thought it might be for Dish Network. After a long serious search,I found nothing.

    I did find this neat Flash Video game. Apparently it's how Train engineers how schooled. Very interesting.
  3. sgoti

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    The "EP" in EP-4 meant it was an Electric Passenger locomotive.

    The round object is the top of the boiler used for train heating. Remember, back then, passenger trains were heated (and cooled) by steam.

    You can see the rough shape of the boiler in this drawing of an EP-3 locomotive.
  4. haberbeckbrandao

    haberbeckbrandao Carlos AHB

    Hi Glenn, how are you?

    In spite of my very long lateness, I'd like to thank you very much by the informations you returned to me. Beautiful dimensional plans of the EF-3 engine:thumb:
    I'm trying to find the location of the horn(s) in the EP-4 body. Do you know their location, Glenn?

    Best regards,


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