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  1. dick8299

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    I have searched the web far and wide and have been unable to locate dimensioned drawings of prototype locomotives and cars that are suitable to create a model from. Does anyone know of a source for this type of information?
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    :killer:dick8299, your best bet is posting a post in the "Introductions" part of the forum. You will get seen by more people, Tell us who you are. your interests, where you hail from. Then you will have a better chance of getting some help. We are a real community. if you going to move in, say "Hi!".

    :wlecome1: to the forum dick8299!!:thumb:
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    You can find plans of railway locomotives and wagons here

    Polish site, but extremely simple layout, and in age of google translation it should be easy to navigate.
  5. dick8299

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    Yes, thank you for these links. Some of them I have found before, but really appreciate the new ones. I am sure I never would have found the Polish site on my own.
  6. jagiannovario

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    Dimensioned drawings

    I'm a fan of the Norfolk & Western Rwy. You can find plans at the N&W Historical Society Archives online (

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