destroer class omega "agamemnon"(babylon 5)

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by lepaj, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. Gixergs

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    Amazing work B5 has some of my favourite ships in it and this is probably my favourite of all of them.
  2. kevo

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    just amazing, breath taking. really really love your work, I've been following you for sometime. can not wait for someone to post a build on this ( or your other models) because this is way out of my skill leavel, and may give the confidence to have a go. because Babylon 5 is my all time favourite sci fi show and I would just love one of these on my sideboard. also could you please please post some pictures of your Nova Class Dreadnought for us meer mortals to drool over as well ! thank you again for this fantastic model.
  3. Just fantastic!!!!!

  4. Dented Rick

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    This one has been on my "To Build" list for some time....mostly im just waiting till after we move. But after seeing these pictures of your model....Im going to hold off a bit. I am nowhere near your level, and need to get a little bit better before building it myself.

    I an absolutely blown away by this build. it is seriously awesome. Excellent work.
  5. lepaj

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    Thank you all. nova has not yet collected. now busy developing hiperion, and assembly badger
  6. spaceagent-9

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    O...........M...........G! that is the best I have ever seen.
  7. Sky Seeker

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    Wow this IS pretty incredible. Yes and it DOES look like it took 2 years to build. Great job Lepaj!

    Sky Seeker
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    I didn't even know that was paper!!! can I get a new link to the free download of this please? the old one is defunct.
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