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  1. oriod01

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    I have purchased several anime girls from 'Jegandou' ( on the 'dlsite'. But there are two models shown on the site (no download info) I desperately seek named 'Itigo3 (Chi-Ver3)' and 'Miyuuberi' I don't know if these were offered and then maybe discontinued or what. I e-mailed directly stating that I would gladly purchase these as well, but received no response. I've included images below. If anyone could help me with this I would be eternally grateful! I can't receive subscriptions from this site... some problem with Earthlink (?), my e-mail is, just let me know if you can help... and thank you SO VERY MUCH:mrgreen:

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  2. allhallowseve

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    They were never release to public for some reason :(
  3. oriod01

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    Thanks for the info... I've been driving myself crazy trying to find them. It's strange that those were never offered, considering they were a couple of the best exhibited there (maybe just my opinion).

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