Designing the Su-7, Su-9, Su-17, Su-22 and MiG-21

Discussion in 'Gallery & Designs' started by Paragon, Oct 5, 2007.

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    I heard you've been busy on the XR-45 cariburn/CFA-44 Nosferatu/ADF-03 Fenrir(dunno which one is the one you're planning to design......maybe three of them?).I hope you design them quick because I have a request but since your plates are full,I'll delay the request.

    BTW,The Sukhoi Su-33/32/34(dunno which is the right number)Strike Flanker,you know,the long-range bomber/attacker,Is it well known?because if it isn't,can you design one?This one is different from the above request.

    Anyway,I wish you the best of luck.
  2. lincer556

    lincer556 Ace Combat fan

    I think he's not working on those models :p
  3. Paragon

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    Not yet, no, I still have to finish the century series first. I also have some real life issues to deal with.

    Well, I hadn't planned on desiging a Flanker model, because Ojimak already offers one, but I may get around to it sometime. Probably not soon though.
  4. PModel Rookie

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    What plane is left from the century series that you don't design yet?
    And,how many?I thought you have completed it.......

    BTW,sorry if my english is not good enough......I only got 82% for my english test.......
  5. Paragon

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    I still have to make the F-106, XF-107, XF-108, XF-109, F-110 (F-4 Phantom) and F-111 Aardvark.
  6. lincer556

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    COOOL MAN!! Specially for the XF-108 and the F-111
  7. PModel Rookie

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    What do they look like?
    Can anyone show me the pics?(well except for the F-4 Phantom and the F-111 Aardvark because I already know what did they look like)

    About the F-4 Phantom,what version would you like to make?
    (I don't know if there are other versions of this F-4 Phantom)
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    Please include tabs too(I'm suck at no tabs) when you update any new models.I'll tell you,I just destroyed your F-100 Super Sabre without even finished it.......without tabs.
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    Why isn't anybody posting here anymore?Did I just say something?:cry:
  10. Paragon

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    Oh, sorry. I'm not sure which F-4 version I'll be making, I haven't decided that. As for tabs, sorry, I started leaving them out because I was building the models without tabs. I can try including the undertabs next time.
  11. PModel Rookie

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    The F-4 Phantom,one of my favorite aircraft,that model MUST include tabs!!!!!!Without tabs,my favorite F-4 plane will....I can't imagine what will it the trash or maybe.....arrghh!!!!!can't say.
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  13. SMWulph

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  14. PModel Rookie

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    Wow,the front canard+favorite F-4E=amazing shape+Improved manuevering=:eek:No more words......I was kinda surprised,actually.

  15. You know it is easy to make your own tabs when cutting them out. It really isn't necessary for the designer to add them. It is nice when they do but it shouldbn't hamper your efforts.
  16. PModel Rookie

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    The problem is,when the parts is too close to each other,It is more difficult to draw the tabs in resulting small tabs.And,I don't even know where should I put some of the tabs.Like paragon's F-104,There are some parts where I didn't know where to put the tabs in resulting a chaos.So,please understand.Thank you for understanding.
  17. Nosports

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    I understand you.
    I design und build Prototypes oder beta-modells, but the work for tabs is very much, i don't want to do, because it don't matter much for the invested time.

    I would suggest, try to make the tabs on the fly, you may have to cut some tabs later or add some while glueing it together, but very fast and very soon you will get some feeling where tabs are needed.

    The ohter possibility is that you cut out the model without tabs and make some L-shaped strips of paper which you could cut and glue to the model in the prozess of assembling.
  18. Dragos

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    C'mon guys is not that hard to make tabs. It's true that is more confortable if there are tabs in the kit but here is a simple method to make tabs.

    Let's take this Zero as an example:

    Step #1: cut the pieces preserving the edges as in the picture
    Step #2: glue the piece as in the picture and cut on the red line

    Now you have pieces with tabs.

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  19. PModel Rookie

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    That's sounds simple.I'll take a try.I didn't think of it before...

    BTW Dragos,where did you get the Zero?
    And, do you connect the parts without tabs?Did you just use the method that dragos showed or something else?
  20. Nothing

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    you can also cut strips and glue underside to create butt seams. i dont use tabs very much myself either.

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