Designing the Su-7, Su-9, Su-17, Su-22 and MiG-21

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    No, actually, I don't use 3-d software to design them, I use Photoshop and do most of it by eye and with a lot of imagination.

    As for the F-5, Ojimak has a model of the F-20, which is practically the same plane, just with one engine instead of two. If you really want, I can design an F-5, but I would have to wait until I felt I had forgotten enough about Ojimak's F-20 to design an F-5 that didn't rely on his design too much, because I'm almost positive he wouldn't allow a simple modification of his model.
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    hmmm f-5 in diferent agressor colors........
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    Trust me, adding another engine and recoloring the F-20 won't be enough for Ojimak. Or was that not what you meant?

    Anyway, I started work on the Osprey earlier, and this one is going to be very difficult to design for me I think. The majority of the aircraft should be fine, the fuselage should be easy enough, the wings and tail, even giving the engines turning and tilting rotors should be simple enough to accomplish (if slightly more time-consuming than some of my other models). So most of you are probably thinking:
    "Yeah right, those are the hard parts" and
    "Wait...what IS the hard part then?"

    The really hard part of designing a V-22 Osprey model for me will still be one of the most important parts, its just something that I'd not given much thought to before: the nose and cockpit.

    Like I said before, I design all of these models in Photoshop, not as 3d meshes. Its not that I have anything against using 3d meshes (though I think they would probably slow me down when it comes to designing, believe it or not), I simply have absolutely no idea how to make a 3d mesh. I've tried, believe me, but for some reason I just can't get it from the tutorials available online, as much as I try. What I really need is for someone to sit down with me and show me the basics. After that, I'm sure I can figure out everything else, even be able to actually learn things from online tutorials.

    If you take a look at the shape of the Osprey's nose and cockpit, you'll see that its nothing like any of the models I've designed so far. I have some ideas, and I'm sure they'll accurately re-create the shape pretty easily, the biggest problem will probably come when I try to make the nose and cockpit fit onto the fuselage. Like I said, I do this all in Photoshop, meaning I don't know how well the parts will fit until I've assembled them in paper, which is a huge potential drawback. Some of you who have constructed my models may have noticed that I sort of expect the modeller to improvise a little with the model (sorry about that......), like with connecting the nose and intakes of the U-2 to the rear fuselage. The parts go together, and when you squeeze down the top a little and hold it there are no gaps, but you have to figure it out because I've provided no real indication that this is the case. The nose and fuel tank tips also aren't perfect. I honestly meant to redesign those before moving on to the next model, but just haven't got around to it. As it is, you have to trim them a bit to get the right shape.

    In general, I assume that the modellers would rather have the models slightly more quickly, and that they don't mind small modifications, and I always make sure to provide what I consider enough room for changes. I haven't heard any complaints yet (though if you have some to make, please do. If you all think I should spend a little more time on the models so they fit better, please let me know) so I continue to design models that way. Even so, I have to at least get the shape close enough for the modellers to be able to work with them. I made a joke once that anyone can make a model of a plane out of paper, I just make it a little easier, as opposed to some people who give very clear guidelines, and its pretty true.

    The good news out of all of this is that I should get the Osprey done pretty much as quickly as the rest of my models, simply because I have so much free time for the next few days. Basically it'll take more hours total, but take about the same number of days because I won't be interrupted during design. ;) The big trick will be forcing myself to actually sit down and work on it...this more than the others is an intimidating aircraft to design a model of, and sometimes it scares me into watching some more episodes of "Whose Line is it Anyway" instead of working on it! :p

    Anyway, enough ranting for now. Last order of business is what's up next on my list after I finish the V-22. Currently, I'm interested in the following:

    F-101 "Voodoo" (what a dumb name for such a cool looking plane)
    XF-109 (should be simple after designing the V-22!)

    Anyone have any requests or preferences? Perhaps some suggestions?
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    Well, I said I would design a free V-22 Osprey model, and you'd better damn well believe I will now! First attempt at the nose wasn't very good, but I nailed the shape on the second attempt, and fixed up all of the texture around it. The fuselage of course was never a problem, I just wanted to have more than a nose and cockpit so things looked more productive! ;)

    Anyway, wheel wells, wings, rotors, tail, and a few little greebles left to do, so expect to see pictures of a finished prototype sometime tomorrow. Here are some pictures of the progress so far! Some of you may notice that so far, this model will be quite a bit larger than my other models. Its not as long as some, but once the wings and rotors and everything else are added it will be substantially larger. I'm probably not going to scale it down for this model, simply because there are so few models of the Osprey out there. Anyone interested in scaling it down themselves can do so.

    The textures are also a great resolution, this model should look pretty spiffy.

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    looking awsome.

    ps: voodoo, voodoo,voodoo,voodoo,voodoo,voodoo,voodoo,:row1::excited1::wave7:bounce7
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    Is that a vote, or are you just trying to be wierd? :p
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    Ojimak's "Shin's F-20" can't be downloaded...(btw Shin ( area 88 ) never flew a F-20, he flew a tiger II )

    Or am I doing something wrong ?
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    I am impressed with the quality, drawing speed and amount of releases of their models, considering that you just use the photoshop. :eek::eek:

    I have some requests or suggestions of aircrafts (many for of the decade of 50)...

    MD Douglas F3H Demon (Coll fighter predecessor of Phanton in US Navy)
    DH Vampire (FB-9, T-11, NF-10)
    Dassault Mistere (Israel Colors)
    Dassault Super Mistere (Israel Colors)
    SNCASE Vantour Family (Bomber, Night Fighter, Recon)
    DH Venon e Sea Venon
    AW Sea Hawk
    Supermarine Scimitar
    DH Sea Vixen
    SAAB J-29
    Republic RF-84
    F-106 Delta Dart
    AJ-1 Savage (US Navy Bomber/Tanker of 50's)
    Grumman C-2
    Meteor Family (F-8, PR-9, T-7, NF-11/13 NF-14)
    Yakovlev Yak-25
    Yakovlev Yak-28 (two seater variant and EW)
    Tupolev Tu-128
    MiG-9 and MiG-9 UTI
    F-86 Sabre Dog (D and H extended wing variant)
    FJ Fury Family
    Mirage III Family (IIIc, IIIe, IIId, 5, 50, Nesher e Dagger and chilean upgrade of mirage 50: Pantera)
    GD F-16XL
    Douglas Skyraider Family
    MIG-15 and 17 UTI
    and Voodo family please hehehehehe! (F-101A, RF-101B and C F-101D Two seater fighter and proto F-88 turboprop). :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:
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    :eek: Quite a list there! I'll get around to some of those eventually I'm sure, though all of them...I don't know. We'll see. Hopefully I'll be designing for awhile yet.

    Triop: further up the page, next to the F-22 Raptor.

    Also, a few more things I found some references for that I'm thinking of doing. There was a mockup of an F-16 with forward-swept wings, and something built by Rockwell called the "Saber Bat", also with forward swept wings. I'm trying to find more info on them, but you might expect to see them eventually.
  10. Gomidefilho

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    Ok thank you very much! If you need of information on some thing of that list I have many three views and plants that can be useful...
  11. Triop

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    Oops, didn't see it...thanks Paragon
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    theres a couple of experimental f-16 variants that would be nice.esp the one with the full delta wing configuration!

    {Is that a vote, or are you just trying to be wierd? }

    ill try to contain my enthusiasm in the future!
  13. Paragon

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    Almost done!

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    While Paragon is designing faster than I´m able to build, so I`ve managed to finish the U-2. I did the R-version. It was a great modelling fun, and so I´m not to angry about the mistakes I`ve done:
    -have cutted the caps of the pylons too great, done no test before glueing, and
    glued it`s difficult to cut them again
    -have not payed the neccessary attension in glueing together the two parts of the fuselage, and so I`ve had an unreal angle in the sideview.

    I will build the U-2 again, this time the B-version, because it´s closer to 1/60 the scale I normaly do, the wingspan and the length of the R are much larger, so the model is near to 1/72..

    and it`s not only the scale, it`s also the FUN:thumb:

    excuse the dark pictures, but I did the black version:mrgreen:

    btw: a good link for pictures of the U-2

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  15. edi

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  16. Dyna-Soar

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    Paragon, would it be possible to share your design process, I considering attempting to model the Lockheed L133 pre-WWII jet fighter concept.
  17. edi

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    the vote

    hmm, from your list I´ll would prefer the F-101, but maybe I will quite silently bring the followings, as for some already did:
    Saab J-29 Tunan
    Saab J-32 Lansen
    both are as far as I know not availible in card the moment, the sets of GELI and SCHREIBER are long out of production
    the same by the Argentinian Pulqui II

    the MIG-9, YAK23, French ones Mystere, Etendart (Argentinian marks, which were very successfull in the Malevinas) and MirageIII also....

    and: Canberra and Vulcan :rolleyes:;-)
  18. Dragos

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    I also vote for them :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:
  19. Paragon

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  20. Nothing

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    thanks paragon, i just noticed your located in my neck of the woods!

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