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Discussion in 'Gallery & Designs' started by Willja67, Jan 31, 2006.

  1. Willja67

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    The pages are laid out on 10 x 7.5 in rectangles so they can be printed on both letter and A4.
  2. This, to my naive view, seems infinitely wise. It also allows, regardless of paper format, the ability to enlarge a bit without having to do a lot of parts juggling. I hope you start a trend :)

    Cheers --- Larry
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  4. Willja67

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    Thanks a bunch for that link! I'm really getting into air racing of late. I've long dreamed of designing and building my own airplane and I think I'm going to design a Formula 1 racer and try and race it at Reno.

    On the subject of my super corsair it is in the final stages of completion and as soon as I get done numbering it (maybe tonight) I'm going to send it to Gremir to put on sale, despite the fact that a complete test build has yet to be done.
  5. Wily

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    Just noticed the spinner design.

    Well that's a big..."DUH!"

    I wish everyone designed spinners like that.

    Best wishes with your Super-Corsair.
  6. Willja67

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    All DONE!!!!

    I have finished all the designing instructions and all that stuff! I'm just waiting on my brother to create a cover for it and I'll send it to Michael at Gremir tommorrow and sometime thereafter it will be available! Yeah Haaaa!!!
  7. Amazyah

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    Congrats Willja!

    This is one beautiful airplane!

    Great job!

  8. Gil

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    Yeeeeehaaaa! Duce...,

  9. Willja67

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    My little Bro did a good job didn't he?
  10. Amazyah

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    A work of Art cover for a work of Art model!

    A perfect match!

    Looks like I will be spending some Mula real soon!

  11. Gil

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    Showoff! Nice cover though..., -Gil
  12. Bowdenja

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    Alright Will, No time to rest............... Are you taking suggestions for the next, or already have something in mind?:grin:

    I think Rare Bear would make a good mate for your F2G!

  13. Willja67

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    Well guys since the question that I have already answered keeps popping up I will answer it again here. I will say that I might have a follow up project in mind. But before I say what the possible next, next project is I have to say that flight school is now #1 priority and card modeling is going on the back burner. After the Golden Eagle and 2 different paint schemes on the Corsair I might do a Beech staggerwing. That is assuming it hasn't been done by that time. I've heard rumors that Dewayne is trying to get someone to do one but nothing has come of it. If nothing has come of it in probably 3 years from now (remember the corsair took over 2 years) the staggerwing might start taking form.
  14. Bowdenja

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    Aw man I forgot about the Golden Eagle:cry: ........... well that is better then an old Rare Bear anyway!
  15. shoki2000

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  16. Gearz

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    I'm pretty slack at posting comments ~ now that its finished. Just wanted to say how enjoyable this project has been to follow Will. At risk of being repetitive, your design skill are to be envied! Hope to produce this sort of quality one day ~ Inspiring!
  17. Willja67

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    Getting close (for the umpteenth time)

    Gearz thanks for the comments they are much appreciated, even if I'm a month late responding.

    For everyone else whose interested I just thought I'd give a progress update. I am now getting really close to ready to rerelease the Super Corsair. This time around 2 versions of #57 will be included in the kit a "then" (1949) version and a "now" (post restoration) version and the price will remain the same. I'm done with reworking parts for the 1949 version and am numbering the kit tonight and I have a little bit to do on the diagrams and instructions. Anyone who bought the model and could see any deficiencies in the instructions (or anything else) please speak up now (the landing gear got 3 new diagrams) and as I said I'm renumbering a lot of parts and hopefully it will be a little better.

    The "now" version is pretty close to done. I have to test build the new carb intake and make some changes to the paint job as well as make a new diagram and do the numbering and maybe one or 2 other items but I think I've gotten over my A.D.D. cause things have been going really fast lately. I'm aiming for Saturday to be all done.

    #74 is coming along as well but will be a little behind #57 in being released. It will also be available in 2 versions (in the same kit for $16 US) the 1947 version and the 1949 version.
  18. shoki2000

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    Great news, Will!
    I only add that everybody who already bought the Super Corsair will receive free replacement of the model, including the second version of #57
  19. Willja67

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    Files are sent!

    I just sent the completed files off to Mike at Gremir! I had one issue that needs to be resolved first though. When converting one of the pages to PDF none of the panel lines would show up. I sent Mike the Corel draw file in hopes he could figure something out cause my brain is fried. Anyone know why lines would not show up after being converted to PDF? It may be that I have to redo the entire page (I really really hope not) but that is the only thing I think that will hold things up.

    Although I haven't completed a model I have test built all the different components and can say that the model is now ready. The whole kit is significantly more refined than it was and I hope it meets with everyones approval.
  20. Gil

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    Check the Layer Visibility


    Check to see if the layer visibility is enabled.


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