Designing the De Havailland Comet-4

Discussion in 'Gallery & Designs' started by Lex, Dec 30, 2007.

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    Never Flew? Nope, just never went into production. Had the runway at Malton been just a bit longer, they could have done the same "hop and drop" kind of first flight that the Comet did a few weeks earlier than DeHavilland, and history would have been different for the Canadian Aerospace industry.

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    I thought 1/100 was a pretty standard scale? I've certainly got plenty of models in that scale.

    Anyway, keep up the good work, if its anything like your J-10 the Comet should be fantastic.
  3. Just checking in to see what's happening here.
  4. Lex

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    Hi Tim, don't worry the De Havilland is in good shape. My friend has just found me some references, so I could make the model a bit more accurate. ^^
  5. Lex

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    Scratch above... Never say something is in good shape!... My dad just fried the USB port on my laptop (meaning no flash drive or internet) so I'm most likely not going to make any progress till a new laptop arrives from China >_<
  6. O.K, I'm officially worried....

    Is the laptop on a "slow boat from China?"
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    I got a new MacBook last year, from order to delivery was 3.5 days. I think it came all the way from Taiwan(?)!

    But then Mac don't offer too many options or add ons!

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    Don't know why I never got to grips with Macs... Maybe I'm a hardcore M*******t supporter? :D ...And Tim, don't worry, we've got airliners (better ones than the Comet!) these days ;)
  9. I like certain airliners. Those with special historical significance. This was the first jet airliner to go into production. it was a huge success until they started falling from the sky because they had square windows of all things. A re-design of the windows was too late to save her from oblivion.

    Anyone know where I can find a nice (free) DC-6? Or have one for sale?
  10. Lex

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    ...I recall a film named "No highway in the sky" which does have a somewhat related plot to the real Comet incidents (and one of the few films to feature a protagonist materials scientist!) Just a thought...

    As for the DC-6, any helps guys?
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    The film was released a year before the Comet disasters. It was based on the 1948 novel "No Highway" by Nevil Shute, who was a successful aeronautical engineer (who briefly worked for de Haviland in 1924), before he became a novelist. No Highway - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Will the "Rutland Rheindeer" be Lex's next project?:p

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    tell me do you use this site for getting blueprints. I found some of the models I would love to design there yesterday afternoon. I think the B52 is coming on well I am doing and now I found a B2 there, I found some real good blueprints that are perfect for doing design work. Wish I found it months ago in fact. How do I start a thread here or when I am finished my model of the B52 H how do I put it up here for download. I am sure lots of people would love to have these planes to make.

    The Blueprints - Reference Image Database - 23500+ blueprints online
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    Now that's a plane I would love to see done. I don't watch many movies, but that's on my favorites list.

  14. Lex

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    Doctormax, in addition to that site, I had these two at my disposal...
    plan 3-vues
    VAR. Aviation Drawing
    And to make a new thread, just click "start new thread" at the top-right of your board... :D

    ...And, the Reindeer is a fictional aircraft... right? I'd love to have it on my long to-do list, only if there are drawings available ^^
  15. OK lex, How are we coming? Just want to know how the computer thing worked out and if you have resumed work on the project.

    Design on

  16. Lex

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    ...Sorry Tim, no luck for now, the model file is thankfully intact but computer is still dead as a dead parrot... I'd give it another month... or probably get a new one! The last one only has 256M RAM, even running Rhino proved to be a pain...
  17. Lex, any progress?
  18. Lex

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    I'll restart the project once I finish my finals... Meanwhile, could someone help find some pictures on the engine's exhaust details? Also I wonder if the exhaust on 4B is the same as that on 4C?
  19. I did some research and found a lot of sites on this plane. here is one site
    that listed the various changes

    "The Comet 4B
    After that the Mk 4A was dead born, DH developed the Mk 4B which was also
    intended for shorter range operations. The shorter wing of the Mk 4A was
    kept but the pinion tanks were removed, resulting in a smaller fuel
    capacity. The fuselage of the Mk 4B was stretched further. MTOW was 158Klb
    and four Avon RA29 Mk525 were providing the adequate thrust. The outer
    engines were equipped with a thrust reverser and noise was also reduced
    compared top earlier versions. The first flight took place on 27-Jun-59. A
    total of 18 Mk 4Bs were built.

    The Comet 4C
    The Mk 4C was a combination of the fuselage of the Mk 4B and the wings of the Mk 4. The engine configuration was identical to the Mk 4B. The first flight took place on 31-Oct-59. MTOW was identical to the Mk 4. A total of 23 Mk 4Cs were built.

    De Havilland Comet Homepage
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