Designing G1 Optimus Prime Papermodel

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  1. fibonacci

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    They've now added Rumble and Ravage to the fray... I've been thinking of a few others myself... Laserbeak would be a great one to do based on that too, and Frenzy is just a red and black redeco of Rumble...

    G1, I don't suppose you could provide links to these three (Dev, Omega and Prime) that Masamune did? Seeing that his original site is down could you possibly provide us with copies of the files?

    ~ Fibonacci
  2. chris24jc

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  3. loudog49

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    Thanks Chris for posting that build! I'd been wondering how it would look fully built. You're right about that head, it looks seriously detailed and challenging to make.

    Kudos to Voltron5 for the design and another for Chris on a nice build. :thumb:


  4. Stev0

    Stev0 Active Member

    Congrats on finishing this ... I cant wait to see some builds.

    It's about time someone did a Gen1 Optimus Prime model
  5. ravster

    ravster New Member

    This looks awsome, well done.
  6. jtkirklin

    jtkirklin New Member

    That Optimus Prime came out you think it can be upscaled and modified into a costume for a 7 year old? My son wants me to make him a Gen 1 Optimus Prime costume for halloween this year
  7. nav

    nav Member

    I'm working on a full scale(or I think so) optimus head.
    Maybe this will help a bit.
    It's on 4shared,the name is optimus prime head final(height 371.0485136796 mm).pdo

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