Designing from wire-frame .3ds files?

Discussion in 'Gallery & Designs' started by lancer525, Jan 21, 2009.

  1. lancer525

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    I am about to obtain some .3ds files that I would dearly love to turn into a large scale, high-fidelity, high quality set of parts for a card model.

    My inquiry is, what software does one use to do this, and how exactly does one go about doing it? There are a few complex curves, but there are also some flat surfaces as well.

    I would like to enlist some assistance, if at all possible.
  2. paperbeam

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  3. lancer525

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    Thanks for the reply, Paperbeam!

    Problem is, I don't follow you. Never heard of "Sketchup", or "Pep", and I don't know what a ".kmz" file is!

    Guess its time for some research, isn't it? ;)
  4. Nothing

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    .kmz is a file format. sketchup is a 3d modeling program mostly associated with google earth. metsequoia is another 3d modeling program that has more flexibility with file formats. here is a tutorial dealing with metsequoia. might give you some insight. pepakura is a program that will unfold 3d geaometry into 2d.
  5. Ronson2k3

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  6. lancer525

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    That's great!

    All I need now is some time to figure out how to use all these things...

    Dang, if this isn't one great community, filled with some damn great people!
  7. lancer525

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    Okay, I downloaded these files, installed the programs, and none of them will open a .3ds file...

    Now what?

  8. paperbeam

    paperbeam Member

    I just opened a .3ds file in Sketchup 7 with no apparent issues (first time I've done it, actually).

    I downloaded a free 3D file which had to be unzipped first. In Sketchup 7 you have to use Import underneath the File menu and make sure you also select either the 3ds format or all file types.:cool:

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  9. lancer525

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    Hmmm... Sketchup wasn't one of the ones I downloaded... I may have to go that route.

    Although, to be perfectly honest, This is so far over my head, that I can't even see the bottom of it!

    I could build it, but there's no way I could design it.
  10. sjsquirrel

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    What are they


    What are the pieces you're referring to? I could offer some assistance, or look at doing some of the cleanup work. Jaybat's tutorial (referenced earlier) is a great way to get started with Metaseqouia, and Meta will open 3ds files.

    If you can, post links to the 3ds files you're referring to, or feel free to email me directly.

  11. lancer525

    lancer525 Member

    SJ, the pieces I'm referring to are all of the ones that make up the entire XB-70 model. :)

    Expect a PM from me soon.

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