Designing Freight Yards

Discussion in 'Model Rail Operations' started by jon-monon, Apr 20, 2004.

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    I can't see it, cuz I'm not register.

    I don't want to register (had a few viruses last time!!)

    Since I'm crazy-busy at work, would it be possible for you to re-print the topic here?:confused:

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    I agree CN1, the farther away from Yahoo you stay the better.

    I only go on every other sunday night. For the CARM chat.
    What a piece of crap program that is. Everyone gets kicked out at least once per session. I have the organizer looking at different venues for chats.
  4. jon-monon

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    If you send me an e-mail so I have you address, I'll be happy to e-mail it to you. We've never had a virus or even spam in our group, because it's not public, but I won't ask anyone to join who doesn't want to.
  5. CN1

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    Great! Check your PM.

    Thanks again:thumb:
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    I took a look on the Yahoo group. Very informative!!:thumb: :thumb:
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    OK, I have investigated the possibility of viruses through our yahoo group. I won't ask you to join if you don't wish to, but I will explain the virus possibilites for the benifit of others. I appreciuate your concerns, but I do not want anyone to be deterred if they wish to use the resource.

    My assessment in a nutshell: Yahoo is as safe as it can be. There is no more risk of getting a virus or other bad stuff from our yahoo group than there is from any other source, such as e-mail attachments from friends and family, downloads from web sites, or even just surfing the web. In fact, the risk is much less within our groups.

    Why: I have verified the settings are set as safely as they can and still allow file sharing. ONLY members can post messages and attachments are NOT allowed. I don't know how you could possible get a virus from a messge in our group. In the files section, again, ONLY members can upload or download files. Conceveably, someone could post a file that is infected, but in reality, we are sharing images which really can't contain a virus. I personally upload 95% of these myself, and can guarantee they are free of viruses. Our message traffic is low, as we use the group for filesharing. Yahoo mail, if you use it, is one of hte safer ways of using e-mail, as it will not allow you to download a virus infected attachment. I have tested it with an EICAR virus test file and you get a warning, then it will not allow a download of the test file. (Please never send a real virus as a test). It also has the added benifit of not being targeted by virus authors, as MS Outlook often is, and features such as spam blocking.

    Why the fear: I suspect CN1 and/or Will were members of a group that did not set the restrictions properly to prevent public posting by non-members and/or allowed attachments.

    I do not recommned running any program files, if someone were to upload one, unitl I have verified it is clean. I don't see a reason why anyone would need to share one with the group.

    My background: I have been studying viruses for about 5 years and responsible for keeping around 150 computers free from attack. In my experiance, the best protection from viruses is a little education and awareness. I would be happy to address anyones concerns about our group or viruses in general.
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    On it's way! :D

    Happy to send to anyone else too

    Will, I assume you can pull it down in the group, since you are a member? If not I think I have your e-mail.
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    Got it!!

    Thank you very much! :thumb:

    Very informative and great picture.

    Maybe I'll make a poster out of it!!

    Thanks again:thumb: :wave: :wave:
  10. jon-monon

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    No problem, my friend, glad you found it useful!
  11. Tileguy

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    Jon, why not post it here???
    Thats what this is all about isnt it?
    Cut and Paste my friend ;)
  12. Greg Elems

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    Very interesting article about yard designs. As the article shows, having at least one double ended yard track really helps in using a yard. Thanks for posting the article.
  13. jon-monon

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    It's just too big, and if you shrink it to fit, it won't be usefull.

    I will be happy to e-mail it or otherwise find a way to get it to any gauger who doesn't wish to join the yahoo group. Just shoot me an e-mail if you want it.
  14. SAL Comet

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    Thanks for the article

    Some real good info
  15. robt46

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  16. jon-monon

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    Welcome to the gauge! Checks in the mail!
    :D :D :D
  17. robt46

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    Jon received an Email from the Guage about the thread but no info on the freight yards. Really interested in obtaining the article. Could you Email to me. Sorry for all the trouble. Thanks Robt. (
  18. robt46

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    Opps. as soon as I wrote you a reply I got it in My Email. Sorry for the bother. Great Stuff by the way. Robt.
  19. KCS

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    Hey, can I get this sent to me. I have Yahell, but for some odd reason tells me I'm not a member. Any way I kinda wanna take a look because I will start laying track soon and I want a big yard but no idea how to set it up in a small space.

  20. Iron Goat

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    GREAT INFORMATION !!! Thanks Jon....


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