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  1. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Active Member

    Hello all!
    I want to develop a Sci-Fi game that will utilize paper models for the entire game. Models will of course need to be kept fairly simple for this as people might need to print a build a lot of them. Possible even have 2.5 d representations of models to go along with the real builds.

    I am thinking along the lines of a fairly large game with different parts that could be played standalone if desired.

    Overall idea (this is a very quick, not set in stone idea of course)

    Part 1: Outerspace phase will have space combat, troop and resource movement to specified location

    part 2: planetary phase will be the dropping of troops and resources, building of bases and atmospheric combat

    part 3: planetary conquest will be the taking over and elimination of the opponents bases.

    I have no preconcieved notions of complexity but I would like to make it playable on a couple levels, very easy short games (30 min) and medium difficulty longer games (2-4 hours).

    I am thinking the short games will just be one phase. Long game all phases.

    One thing about the models - we will want to use layers, probably fairly heavily as we will want someone who buys say a space freighter to be able to print it off in differnent colors or liveries based on The team/race/whatever they wish to play.

    If you have any models you wish to have included in the game I would love to hear from you. If you have free models They will also be considered. The free ones would remain free but new ones would be developed with layers.

    I am going to need some help here...


    Game theory developer - will help work out the basic rules of the game and assist in writing backstory

    Designers - make models of course, the more the merrier. if you never designed a model before this will be a good time to get your feet wet if you want! High complexity is not the focus here, but making fairly easy quick build models.

    Authors - focus on backstory and assist on writeups for ship, vehicles, etc etc

    Game mechanics - will help fine tune game rules and ship, vehicle, etc statistics

    illustrators - will make spiffy graphics for the instruction sheets, possibly make nice 2.5 d representations of the pieces. These 2.5 d pieces will be sold with each model, not separately for free that would not promote the designers very well

    Play testers - get to test out game theory and help game balance

    If interested post here or PM
    p.s. I already have some of the development done now and have a few people onboard actively assisting! Its a blast to be creating something like this :)
  2. bluehmstr

    bluehmstr Lurking Newbie

    Hi cgutzmer, this looks like fun! I'd like to help out if I can. Do you have a blog or some sort of collaboration wiki?
  3. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Active Member

    Really just one? Given all the awesome sci fi models I see coming out of you guys I figured you would be all over this! You get to design original ships for a sci fi game! :)
  4. ekuth

    ekuth Active Member

    Patience, grasshopper!

    I didn't even get to read this until now... give the designers time to creep out of the woodwork... :mrgreen:
  5. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Active Member

    I should post this little update too - I jut wanted to bring it up since I am headed out for the weekend ;)

    I should have included this above...

    ok - rules are well underway, we have several races ready to be formalized, we have some basic design concepts for each race determined (really basic) but this is moving along nicely! What we need the most right now is people to design some models [​IMG] thay can (and are expected to be) fairly simple so this is a great way to get your feet wet with some basic design! I hope the textures on the units will make up for the simpler designs [​IMG]

    Lets see what ya got!
  6. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Active Member

    I just want to mention again that we are at the point where we want a whole mess of fairly simple ships designed. The basic look is defined by race so you will have some guidance on what the overall shapes should be on most of the races. You will have creative license to finalize as you like though. If you are looking for designing with complete originality you can do that as well so long as all the ships for a given race look similar in overall design. The ships we want for sure for each race are:
    Heavy Freighter
    Fast attack fighter
    Heavy Fighter
    Each race will also have two unique units that no other race will be able to get so designs of those units will be specified by the race creator.

    This IS a paid gig :) It would be preferrable if one designer designed all the units for a given race to make tracking payments easier and to maintain design consistency for the race. The units will be sold as their own bundle most likely. There will also be two additional games in the near future, Atmosphere assault and ground attack that will require additional units but we will cross that bridge when the time comes :)

    Please let me know if you are interested! I am not hard to find ;)
  7. CrimosnBronxs

    CrimosnBronxs Member

    I am interested in this game pm me please with some more info on the races and stuff so I can come up with some ideas for models and textures can think of a few great things just not sure on what to make or how big they need to be that sort of thing sign1:thumb:
  8. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Active Member

    got your pm too and already answered there! :)
  9. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Active Member

    Things are moving along swimmingly. I am looking for beta testers to test rules, game balance, fun factor etc etc. If you are interested PM me your email addy :)
  10. Erik J

    Erik J Member

    sci-fi game & card models

    I designed several Star Trek wargames, and the ships to go with them. The entry game is simple and intended for kids, who beta-tested it for me. Game board is black fabric with white latex paint splattered on it as stars. It covers one or two folding banquet tables. Planets are painted paper saucer plates and nebulae are cut out of felt. Measurement is with a soda straw- one uncut and the other half length. Roll a dice and if odd, you killed the other ship. Second stage has ships systems, weapons, etc as beads in a cup. Take a hit, and a bead is removed. I hate tables and damage calculations! Ah, the paper ships. The goal is to keep them realistic but simple to build. The DS-9 is rather complicated, but every other one is easy to do. One 65lb Letter size sheet has several ships on it. I will eventually find a place to post them for free download. Live Long and Prosper.

    - Erik

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  11. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Active Member

    thats pretty cool!

    I can help you out with distribution - drop me a PM :) or email cgutzmer at gmail period com
  12. Erik J

    Erik J Member

    Thanks for the offer. I'm not sure if any of this is a candidate for marketing.

    The wargame world is saturated with sci-fi and fantasy games, both free and for sale, so it is a huge challenge to come up with something 'new' and worth buying. I decided to go the easy-to-play route. Go to the site below for free download wargames. There are a lot of different categories, rules and ideas that can help you get your thoughts together.

    I have downloaded quite a few from there and from other places for that very purpose, so if this site doesn't fill your plate, I can email you a lot more. Star Trek models and names involve copyright issues & license costs that I don't care to investigate prior to marketing a model or a game.

    For armor wargames I designed a Tiger II, which was posted for ages for free download on another site as well as some other tanks not posted. Same idea, keep it simple and as realistic looking as possible. Card models of buildings, bridges and various structures would be great subjects for designers to pursue. Scale would likely be 1:100, 1:87, or 1:72. I heard a lot of opinions on which scale is best, so the Tiger II went out at 1:100 for no particular reason. The above sizes are similar so rescaling a model is just a few mouse clicks in the graphics program.

    Card models are a bigger interest to me than wargames, so I'd like to finish some of my 'serious' designs currently underway, like DFS-230, He-115, Me-264, Go-242, and others to be printed & packaged. Doing several at once lets me move over to another design when a problem comes up that I can't fix on the spot. So when in a design mood I can keep going.

    - Erik

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  13. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Active Member

    The market is NOT over saturated with paper build it yourself pieces games :) however I see your point on copyright even on free stuff its not worth the chance ;) game seems slike a great idea to me though!
  14. Erik J

    Erik J Member

    Well then, let me re-phrase it. The market has a LOT of star ship battle wargames, so creating and entering a new one takes a lot of thought and preparation. A lot of the games out there are clearly based on Star trek, but the creator called it something else to avoid the copyright hassles. The astute Trekker can spot the cover-up in a second!

    Card models are poorly represented in the wargame world, and many of the games mention sources of cast lead models or provide crappy cardboard chips the size of a penny. Yep, there are alternatives to the plastic (and metal) world of expensive game pieces and we paper devotees can surely fill the gap!

    BTW I did a bigger Enterprise 1701D that is posted on the Lower Hudson Valley Museum web site for free download.

    "to boldly glue where no one has glued before..."

    - Erik

  15. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Active Member

    just an fyi, we are in the final stages of finalizing just such an original game ;) just cant find beta testers.... people say they want to then dont really pan out. Life gets in the way.
  16. Erik J

    Erik J Member

    In addition to a local wargame club, contact a local Star Trek club for beta-testers. If you don't know of any ST club, I can search the Starfleet database but need your home town & nearest major metropolis.

    BTW, my Tiger II and the C-141 are in the Download area. I forgot about them! Hmmm, I could put the ST game & models there perhaps. - Erik
  17. papercraftcouple

    papercraftcouple New Member

    we are looking forward to some progress with this we love sci fi papercraft and boardgames so this sounds awesome :)
  18. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Active Member

    hopefully soon :) things are finally calming down a bit...

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