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    now that would really be murder. If i enumerated the steps that i did to create my model including the photos, it might fill a small booklet. and im not really neat when it comes to 3d modeling (my wireframe is an entangled mess from the cowling to the rudder!) poor organization i know. :(

    Im lucky. i learned Autocad at school as a subject for my course last semester. The best option if you ask me is to look for a basic tutorial book or programme for either autocad, rhino or other similar programs.(there are many in your local bookstore. try to look for something for starters). and for rhino, i saw a program entitled "Form Vs. Shape 2" by James Carruthers. I havent really seen it in actual but as i was reading the literature, it contains step by step illustrations to create a C-130 hercules using NURBS? The tutorial here in is of great help too..

    Learning a new design program or anythin in general is similar to learning how to ride a bike for the first time. after a lot of patience, practice and trial and error, it's smooth sailing ahead. :) ( i have to yet post photos of my project.. Haha..)

    Chill my friend..

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    thensk alot

    u know som site thet i got some info on the book with the c130?
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    thenk u very mach i will tray to got the book

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