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    So it's like this. I am in need of a highly detailed HH60, SH-60, MH-60, S-70 Black/Sea/Pave/Jay hawk helicopter. The ones that are free on the web don't cut it, I can't find a legal version of the GPM model, and I don't have the time to design it myself,so I have decided to pay for one to be designed. I figured the best way to do that was to have a contest.

    (if you want to skip the rules and find out the prize to determine your level of interest, scroll down)

    -The finished model must be in 1/33 scale
    -At least 2 variants of the paint job, preferably US Coast Guard and US Navy, along with a non textured version.
    -Have a complete cockpit and crew compartment
    -Design teams are allowed
    -Be ready for Beta Building and judging by July 1st, contest ends and winners will be announced August 31st
    -The entries must be made available for free download through this forum from September 1st through the 11th. After that I encourage you to work with one of the online retailers to sell your kit or leave it as a free download on this forum.

    To enter place notice of your intent in this thread in the Current Competitions forum, and then place a design thread here in the Designers Corner so that everyone can watch your progress.

    -I will request volunteers from people not entering the contest to help me judge the designs.
    -Extra points will be given for modular mission specific detailing for the crew compartment and external stores.
    -Extra points will be given for additional textures
    -Extra points will be given for options to convert to Piasecki X-49A Speedhawk Piasecki X-49 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    1st Prize- $100 cash plus $25 worth of downloadable models from the online retailer of your choice
    2nd Prize- $25 cash and $25 worth of downloadable models from the online retailer of your choice
    3rd prize- $25 worth of downloadable models from the online retailer of your choice

    "Cash" Prizes will be paid through Pay Pal only. All prizes noted are in US dollars. In the event that there are not more than 2 entries, and both contestants fulfill the requirements of the rules, each contestant will recieve $50 cash and $25 worth of downloadable models from the online retailer of your choice.

    If this goes as well as I hope it could, I will fund probably 2 or 3 design contests a year out of my own pocket. Good Luck to all who accept this challenge! I look forward to building your brilliant designs. If anyone else out there wants to up the ante on the pize pot, please chime in!

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    Ehhee! Chime me in! I'll get started rigggghhhht away. By the way, 1/33 scale...can I get an estimate centimeters approx.?
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    For what it's worth..............

    I have some close-up walk around shots of a Jayhawk........ if any one needs them lets me know............ I'll share.

  4. Soaring

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    Mmm, Can I see them Bow?
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    Very nice John - better get a cut of the prize ;) really though if you want to share them go ahead and post them up here. I am sure any prospective designer would be appreciative! Contest on!
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    If it wasn't for a broken laptop I'd be entering straight away... So I'll just be watching, good luck guys! ^^
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    I can't wait to start seeing some progress on these! Thanks for the interest everybody!
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    Jayhawk Walkaround

    OK........... I've uploaded the picture to DGA's Website......... sample below rest are on the site.

    Anyone who want to see/use them can with the stipulation that they are my pictures and you can not claim them as your own :)......... not that you would want too.

    Also remember it WAS raining........ and the wife had had enough so these were shot fast............... hope they help with the design......

    They are at:

    Index of /Jayhawk


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