Derailment today

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  1. Happened across a derailment that happened in the Fort Rouge yard here in winnipeg today. It looks as if a yard switcher backed into a passing train on the main line.

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    didja notice that half the crew(not counting the trackmobile operator) are wearing white hats?
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    I guess they should have bought gift certificates.... (pic #3)
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    WOW:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: Nice Pictures
  5. Doesnt show but there was 30-40 CN Rail people around, couple railway cops, transport canada, news crews, and a whole lot of heavy equipment. This is the main line east/west for CN out of winnipeg, This is also blocking there line to the border, as well as CEMR adn BNSF run through this yard. By 5 pm according to the scanner there were over 20 trains in the hole within city limits and more piling up around the city.

    The crews where just picking up the cars and putting them in the dirt beside the yard so they could get the rail fixed. When i drove by a few minutes ago there was still alot of people there.
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    No one hurt?

    Lack of communication I suppose, now who will lose demerit points for that?????
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    Can't help but notice the snow on the ground...perhaps the rails were slick, and an attempt at stopping failed?

    And as to who should get demerits for that, my guess would be either the TYC (Train yard coordinator), RTC or Dispatcher....if train A doesn't know where train B is, that could be called dispatcher error, for not alerting the crews to the arrival/movement of other trains.

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    Keeps the wrecking crew busey and most likely make ot. The body shop guys will most likely be busey doing body and fender repairs the railroad owner, well an other day at the office.

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