Depot Buildings in Mt. Vernon, Ohio

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    I was recently in Mt.Vernon, Ohio to attend my daughter's high school volleyball game and decided to venture downtown to check out the rail scene. I knew there was a B&O depot on the west side of town, but also came across a second depot on the south side, which I later learned was on previously Pennsylvania right of way.

    Both are nice solid structures that indicate that Mt.Vernon was once a fairly important stop on both lines, and happily, both are still in use. The B&O depot has recently been beautifully restored and is home for an art organization. The rail line outside is still in use to service local industry. The Pennsylvania Depot is currently in use as a Senior Citizen's activity center and is somewhat hacked up with modifications, but is otherwise still well maintained. The old Pennsy rails no longer exist.

    B&O depot, looking south. This line heads directly south to Newark, Ohio

    B&O Depot, looking east (sorry about the poor lighting!)

    Pennylvania dept, looking north

    Pennsy, looking east along the right of way. Note the concrete curb that defines where the edge of the platform was. As a side note, 100 yards behind this point, the right of way crosses the the B&O rails that lead to the depot above, and continues on southwest to Columbus.

    This I just got a kick out of for a couple of reasons: first, the name: "Buckeye Candy and Tobacco Company" - not a combination you are likely to see nowadays... :mrgreen: and second, the nice stone arch highway bridge.
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    One of those "Chew Mail Pouch Tobacco" signs still around! I'm only used to seeing them on model railroads.
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    :) Come down to Ohio - we still have a lot of those on Barns in various stages of preservation.
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    Thanks for taking those shots, old stations (well maintained, too!) aren't easy to find. Though remodeled, the PRR is still exemplary of that company's standards, and most useful ! Hate to think of reproducing all that moulding in "N" or even "HO", though !...need a new lens for my magnifier !!! Thanks ! Bob C.
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    I detail shots as well - corners, eve detail and entrance. I've not uploaded them but I think I kept them on my PC at home. I remember thinking "will I ever need / use this photo?", which means I may have deleted them as well...

    Nevertheless, if you're curious, I'll take a look for them at home this evening. I was actually surprised with how simple the eve work was. Not boring, just taseteful.

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