Denver and Northwestern RR (kind of)

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  1. Givens and Druthers

    Denver and Northwestern RR (just for the layout)
    Scale: HO Gauge: Standard

    Prototype: None
    Era: 1941-1985
    Region: None
    Railroad: Union Pacific with a bit of Great Northern (Empire Builder).
    Space: 10X10, plan only uses 5X10.
    Describe Space: My own personal bedroom! A track diagram is at the bottom.
    Governing Rolling Stock: Union Pacific freight, passengers, Empire Builder (’nuff said.)

    Relative Emphasis:

    Track/Operation-------------------------------Scenic realism
    Mainline Running-----------------------------------Switching

    Operation Priorities:
    Passenger Train Switching - Medium
    Helper District Operations - Low
    Main-Line Passenger Train Operation - High
    Long Freight Train Operations - Medium
    Engine Terminal Movements - Medium
    Local Freight Operations - Medium
    Typical operating Crew: Just me. Eye Level – 4’6” (Slightly below my 5'9" height sign1)

  2. Triplex

    Triplex Active Member

    That means 1941-1985.

    This plan has 24" curves, I believe. Those are very tight for Big Boys and Centennials. I would seriously suggest going around the walls.

    I don't quite follow your use of John Armstrong's sliders. Track/operation and sceneic realism are opposite ends of one slider, and mainline running and switching are opposite ends of the second and last.

    Long freight trains - Armstrong defines them as 20+ cars, which means a long freight is longer than one side of your room. However, I agree that a Big Boy needs that many car behind it to look right.

    Passenger switching - A passenger station/yard for mainline trains will also take up a lot of space.
  3. Smallest radius is 24", largest is 26.25". I don't think I'll have any problems; I've ran both on as small as a 22" radius with no problems. 18" and the Big Boy dies..."Rated for 16.5" absolute minimum" my ass sign1

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