Dendrobium Gundam & Gundam Hazel-rah

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  1. DarkStryfe

    DarkStryfe New Member

    Did anyone ever come out with a complete and colored Dendrobium Gundam? Sorry if it's misspelled. I know that this thing must be massive but it would be one incredible show piece to have the Gundam with those humongous boosters on his back.

    Also looking for Gundam Hazel-rah too.

    I'm not one for every single mecha or Gundam, but certain ones really catch my eye. In actuality I haven't seen a single episode of Gundam. Sorry I'm guilty as charged sign1
  2. silveroxide

    silveroxide Well-Known Member

    Welcome aboard and as for your request, post some more postings before you are able to access the freebies. Check out the downloads here and over at, as well. Over there you will also have to do at least ten postings before you can access the freebies but check out the links here and there as well. If you find something to your liking, post some pictures here of your project. See you around the forums.
  3. DarkStryfe

    DarkStryfe New Member

    Actually I've been a member since 2006 but for some reason my other account can't post, reply, or message any other member. I've tried contacting another member I used to trade models with all the time and had him contact a moderator here. No luck.

    Hence this new account.

    But I've contributed my share, just been away for a while and decided to renew one of my favorite hobbies. =)
  4. DarkStryfe

    DarkStryfe New Member

    Hahahaha, found the Dendrobium model. Hopefully it was the one that's over 4ft long when done.

    Just need to find the Hazel-Rah now ;)
  5. DarkStryfe

    DarkStryfe New Member

    Here are some pics of the Dendrobium. No color but that's all that's really out there for now until some brave soul decides to complete it with all the color and textures.





  6. DarkStryfe

    DarkStryfe New Member

    I'm extremely curious as to why my message with pics of the Dendrobium hasn't been approved of to post? This is the first forum that I've had to go through such hoops to post pictures of things related to the thread.

    What's going on here?
  7. kar_gg1c

    kar_gg1c New Member

    I have it and it is complete







    ask if you have ??? or need more info
  8. kar_gg1c

    kar_gg1c New Member

    Yes it is paper

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  9. minister_des_todes

    minister_des_todes New Member

    Wow..where did you find this..its amazing....
  10. kar_gg1c

    kar_gg1c New Member

    Working on the CNC cut Version

    This will be available in a precut package.

    The last pick is the completed shaded version.

    The pictures prior to are prototype build.

    If this site gave the ability to do a one shot balk upload of pics I would do that.
  11. DarkStryfe

    DarkStryfe New Member

    Sorry, not to be a party pooper but selling a model that you didn't create is really frowned upon. Technically we're not "supposed" to be giving away models to each other is that copyrighted to their creator.
  12. shad0

    shad0 New Member

    looks awesome, what scale is this in? I have been looking for a 1/100 Dendrobium Orchis for a long time only if they make one, but if this fits the bill I'm interested.

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