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Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by MCL_RDG, Feb 8, 2003.

  1. MCL_RDG

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    You too can be an engineer?!!!

    SF Tower goes down!

    Here are a few choice shots of SF tower being ripped to the ground.

    I usta make the extra 5 minute trek to (out of my way to work) to Suffern, NY in the morning.

    On a crisp November morning as I sat in the commuter lot I heard the sound of glass breaking- and breaking! As I turned my head, I saw a window drop out of the SF Tower!

    Was I a witness to a terrible vandalism?

    I took a couple of shots with what film I had in the camera as I watched in horror as window pane after window pane dropped out of the tower and crashed to the ground. What was happening?!!! The Grimaldi brothers had been known to "take over" the town.

    I drove closer to SF. There was a CR wrecking crew there- I drove to the nearest "anything that looked like it might sell film store" and bought their last roll of film with the $2 I had in my pocket.

    SF Tower was hit by a runaway car "back in the day". I sat in the tower one night with the operator and my freind Blake. It had a neat 15 degree list and so, was propped up by timbers that the *&%$##@'s who had to take her down had to chainsaw thru in order to commence with their work.

    After several attempts to bulldoze her over (she woudln't budge because of the timbers- good). Duh- like gee guys- idea, let's chainsaw the thing we're pushing against so hard, huh?. And these are well paid "engineers". They decided that a wire rope thru the walls (in and out of the windows they busted out) would pull her over. It took 3 hours before the upper structure gave way. They actually roped the building where they could and were hoping the whole thing would come down but they were too expectant. All they managed was a horrific decapitation.

    In the end- they succeded.

    Here are the results.

    I have all the "detail shots" and the last train to pass through the dust- but I can't bring myself to post them as I lament my most favorite tower's demise. It's just too brutal to post this kind of misery having lived through it.

    All that was left at the end of the day was a concrete pad.


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    Workin' on the railroad...

    ...all the live long day!

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  3. MCL_RDG

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    I've been workin'...

    ...on the railroad justa

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  5. MCL_RDG

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    I never made it to work that day- I called in with a great excuse...

    ...broken heart and fond memories!
  6. shamus

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    Now thats a real shame.. ...........sniff...

  7. t. alexander

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    I know your pain, Before we got the caboose, I and another fella found out that a long abandoned station in a small town near here was up for grabs basically free the only requirement was it had to be moved. Before we could get our cookies straight the powers that be had it torched.

  8. philip

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    That makes me sick
  9. N Gauger

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    Mark -
    I can truthfully say - I know exactky how you feel. I watched - for 53 weeks as they demolished the Baldwin Locomotive works in Eddystone. Heres the web site I built:

    It ws quite depressing to say the least - These pics have been published Twice.

    I ended up with 309 pictures. :( :( :(
  10. Ralph

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    Now that's just sad. How about modelling it as a tribute?
  11. MCL_RDG

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    I believe I saw...

    plans for these towers in an old MR. There's a twin down the line, I wonder if it still stands?

    I really wanted to snatch an Armstrong Lever. The real prize was the towers symbol sign- but it was buried in the mess and they made short work of scooping everything up into a truck. One of the "hardhats" went around thru the rubble and broke the bulbs that were mounted on the tower as signals to the operator who might be on the ground handing up orders. I had heard that the board was had the night before.

    I don't live in the area anymore so I don't miss SF until I open up the shoe box of photos I've taken over the years. You might notice the other recent posts of pics I've taken railfanning. I owe a lot of my "getting out" to my great friendship with Blake.


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