Delta Rockets anyone ?

Discussion in 'Space & Aeronautics' started by Funtime Cthulhu, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. Funtime Cthulhu

    Funtime Cthulhu New Member

    Hi, everyone!

    I've been looking for some Delta II and Delta III rocket kits.

    I've found a couple of goodies designed by E. te Groen, but most of the internet sources link back to his models on the Phillippus Lansbergen site. The model section of that site appears to be shut down.

    Anyone know where or how those models can be found? Or if the Lansbergen site is going to be closed for any length of time? It looked like it may have had several interesting kits!

    I'd appreciate any help!

    Thanks much!
  2. dhanners

    dhanners Member

    Erik's site has been down for a few weeks, but yeah, he's the go-to guy for Delta IIs and the Delta III. I've built several of his Deltas over the years and they are well-designed models that build into fine replicas, but also lend themselves to super-detailing.

    You might want to drop him an e-mail; he's a fairly nice guy and might be able to help you.
  3. Funtime Cthulhu

    Funtime Cthulhu New Member

    Many thanks, dhanners, I'll give it a try! :)
  4. Funtime Cthulhu

    Funtime Cthulhu New Member


    Found all the lansbergen models at web archive(dot)org!!!

    All the Deltas are still there!


    I cant post the link, this site won't let me, so just replace (slash), (dot), and (colon) with /. and:

    and, for some reason, this site seems to posts an unneeded "space" in the word "net" just in front of "/modelbouw". Please delete that "space" if it appears.

  5. ovation

    ovation Member

    Thanks,I just got me a couple of delta's and the Soyuz again :thumb:

  6. Michiru-Kaiou

    Michiru-Kaiou Member

    Here you go:
    Lansbergen via Web-Archive

    best wishes Michiru
  7. Funtime Cthulhu

    Funtime Cthulhu New Member

    Yay! :)

    Many thanks!

    ETOTONGKA New Member

    I guess I am a year or more to late
  9. ovation

    ovation Member

    I used Michiru's link (above) and clicked to Nov 14 2003 ..

    several Delta 2's are on (I downloaded one) also the Delta 3 downloads still,

    (That took about 8 edits to do) lol


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