Delta II Mars Rover Missions

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    Well I've decided to begin my first project (model). The twin Delta II rockets for both Spirit and Opportunity. I'm thinking I'll do one of the rovers aswell to complete the display. I've got the model of the Delta II but I also want to build the Umbilical Tower and launch platform. Lots of pics of them out there. I have a few thoughts on building them. They aren't to complex looking.

    The rovers are still going strong on the surface of the red planet by the way. Way past there designed lifespan.. It's a testiment to how when NASA and JPL can do such a great job. This model is to celebrate that to a degree.

    Just as an adendum to this build Mission Phoenix is due to land on the martian surface on the 25 of May, 2008. They aren't going to know if the landing system worked on the probe till it's been down on surface for about 3 minutes.. They are employing the self landing system first attempted on the Mars Polar Explorer.. ?? Self guided and rocket assisted landing on the surface.

    Mission Phoenix
    Phoenix Mars Mission - Home

    Pictures of the design and build to follow.
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    Sounds great! Looking forward to seeing your designs. :)
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    I think I heard somewhere they are going to shut one down. They still have the other and this will save power if they ever need it again. They will use the team that commands the shut down rover, to work with the Phoenix

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