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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by CAS, Apr 22, 2007.

  1. CAS

    CAS Member

    I need some help here, please.

    My 2 stall deisel house is almost complete. I want to add some exterior and interior lights to htis building. But it's gonna be my first time added lights to a structure of any kind.
    What kind of bulbs should i get for this n scale building?

    I am thinking yellow/amber color for interior, and clear for exterior.
    Will the grain of wheat bulbs be to large for n scale lights? Don't know. Thats why i am asking these questions.




  2. e-paw

    e-paw Member

    look into led's . you can get them in all different sizes and collors.
  3. Chaparral

    Chaparral Member

    Here’s something to tinker with:
    35 mm slides - you can’t see thru them unless the light used is fairly bright.

    I’m thinking maybe using Grain of Wheat or Rice bulbs behind the grills, wrapped or rolled in slides to light up parts of the structure.

    I have read that the old hooded bulb over doorways can be modelled by carefully melting the end of a fiber optic into a glob??? Never tried it and I don't know what you could use for a hood in N.

    Picking thru slides to cover windows from the inside, you can create different types of light and intensity from inside the light tight structure that has been divided into boxes or sections inside. The interior will have to be lined with light absorbing flat black.
    Large open doors or any open doors, make lighting the interior of that structure theoretical.

    GWBs won’t burn slides, ( I don’t think ). Slides are tough and the darker the better to use with a cheap generic white light source.

    The colors in LEDs are limited. LEDs are too hard to control for brightness, and require fiddling with resistors, polarity and voltage.
  4. fifer

    fifer Active Member

    CAS , Thant is a great looking building!
    Here is what I use.

  5. engineshop

    engineshop Member

    Many ways to do it. Grain of Rice bulb -> will need a resistor if you don't want to light up your entire layout with on bulb.

    My new prefered way is SMD LEDs. They have a great advantage since they direct the light in one direction compared to round LEDs. They also last about 100,000 hours.


    Disadvantage: Very small to add the leads. I use a Visor. Heat can destroy them although it never happend to my so far. Expensive around $1. small and can be painted. You can power many LEDs with a 3.5V coin (watch) battery even without a resistor. I use a 9V battery for my crane.

    In the picture, I mounted one SMD right above the railing on the side of the square tubing and glued it with CA onto the plastic.


    Here is a link to the SMDs I used.
  6. CAS

    CAS Member

    Thanks everyone for your replys.

    Fifer, thanks for the compliment. The building is not complete yet.

    I want to have 2 amber lights inside for sure. Then a clear light over the main doors, and probably a couple on the sides of the buildings.

    I wasn't sure what size the lights should be, to look right for n scale.
    Plus the city inspectors are cracking down on code violations very hard now a days. They were at the building site everyday checking out our work, while i was putting the building up. Now with the electric going in, im sure they will be back soon.

    Thanks again,
  7. jtloconut

    jtloconut Member

    Wow nice work with the led's:thumb:

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