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  1. ic&e_modeler

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    i am new to this whole dcc thing. i just bought a new dcc prodigy system and was wondering if i can use digitrax decoders or do they have to be mrc?:confused:
  2. Alan B

    Alan B Member

    Any NMRA compliant decoder, basically all the major manufacturers - Lenz, Digitrax, TCS, MRC, Atlas (Lenz), Roco, & NCE, will work. I think there are some limits to the Prodigy's use of the sound functions on Soundtraxx decoders, but the other functions should work. That's the good thing about the NMRA decoder standards. Now, don't try to mix and match throttles with your Prodigy. It will only work on Prodigy handsets.
  3. 60103

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    What you may find is that some decoders work better with some locos than others. Check around the forum; we've talked about this sometimes.
    Everything that the controller sends to the track should match NMRA standards. This means that any Standard chip will work. (There are non-standard systems out there, but your hobby shop should keep you clear of them.)

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