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    Hi all. I was wondering. Having been out of this hobby for a lot of years, and at the risk of really looking dumb, "what is a decoder"? I don't remember that term when a kid, and when reading posts on here, it would help to learn some of the newer terms.

    Hope it doesn't turn out to be something that existed when I was running trains. I will go and hide then. Ha ha.

    Bye all. Jack.
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    Try out this link for an intro to the wonderful world of digital command control. DCC allows locomotives with decoders to be "driven" by the operator, as opposed to simply controlling the track. This is the biggest revolution in model railroading in a long time! It is tried and true. I would never go back to DC control of locomotives.

    It may look complicated at first, but it is really pretty simple in application. Don't be intimidated by many of the advanced features at first. Learn the basics, give it a go, then enjoy the freedom it offers!

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    DCC Forum


    If you have a look down the Forum List on The Gauge, you'll see the DCC Forum.

    Specially for "decoders" and DCC (Digital Command Control).

    Plenty of info there. :):) :thumb:

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