Decoder for Rivirossi FEF 4-8-4

Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by trainsteve2435, Feb 11, 2007.

  1. Hello everyone, can someone recomend a decoder for a Rivirossi FEF 4-8-4? It takes a small one and also one that plugs into the 9 pin connector. It actually needs to fit under the sand box. Thanks!
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    Steve:wave:, I HAVE ONE OF THESE!:D i find it funny you are asking for a 9pin decoder:confused:. on mine i was able to use the 8pin plug;). i installed a Loksound decoder in it, and soldered extensions to the speaker wires to put the speaker in the cab:thumb:. the Loksound decoder was a tight fit, but by gosh it worked:D. non-sound decoders are usually quite small, i would think a Digitrax decoder, or just about ANY NEWER decoder would easily fit in it. if i were to do it all over, i would go with the Tsunami, it looks to be a bit smaller then the Loksound decoder, well, in the add anywaytooth1. :D-Deano [​IMG]
  3. Thanks Deano for the information, and i made a mistake, it is 8 pin, not 9. Can you post a link where you got your decoder? Thanks!:wave:
  4. UP SD40-2

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    Steve, at the time i put the Loksound decoder in my F-E-F, i was buying them at Tony's trains. since then though, i have found Loksound decoders on sale at different places on the net;). Tony's has EXCELLENT service, but not always the cheapest.

    if you decide to go with Loksound, like i said before, it IS A REAL TIGHT FIT, but do able;). i took the whole top part of the shell off to run the speaker wires to the cab. i made a small styrene "box" to put the speaker in to make the sound louder;), painted it black, and placed it in the cab. if i wasn't so lazy:oops:, i would have made the speaker wires longer, and ran them into the tender. by doing that, i could have used 2 larger speakers, and got better sound;).

    i would check the size of the Tsunami, and Loksound decoders, the smaller of the to would make life a lot easier, just my thoughts.

    EDIT, UPDATE: MRC's NEW steam sound decoders ARE NOW OUT! i know for a fact that these ARE narrower then Loksounds, and the Tsunami, might be something to consider. :D-Deano

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