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  1. Stan Bolsenga

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    Can someone suggest a good source for HO decals (mainly for engines). Thanks.
  2. eightyeightfan1

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  3. doctorwayne

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    Champ also offers decals for both cars and locos.

  4. rekline

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    I know this thread is old but was wondering if Champ is still in business and If I ordered something from there would I get it. In visiting their website, it sounds like all they are doing is clearing out old inventory.
  5. Hopefully someone will buy out Champ and keep these fine decals coming. I have always liked Champ decals.
  6. ed acosta

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    I am also sad to see the demise of Champ decals. I always used both Champ and Microscale, and found that each had its advantages and disadvantates. (Aside from the fact that each one used a different decal setting fluid.) I thought Champ had the most intricate detail and the best color. Microscale had the thinnest film which meant that there was less chance of seeing the decal edges once the overcoat is applied. The downside is that Microscale decals were a bit fragile and could break or twist on you. Microscale decals were not as precise in their printing (color overlap) nor was the color as accurate. Today, I think Microscale has improved its quality, and for sure they are constantly introducing new ones to keep current.

  7. Micro Scale has improved their decals,just the availability of some of the decals are hard to can only hope someone will pick up the Champ line of decals and continue the line of these fine decals.
  8. Fluesheet

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    Champ Decals

    I was wondering the same thing, so I emailed Champ today. The owner's wife is in it for at least a couple more years. I've reprinted part of the email below:

    "We still carry ads in a couple magazines that "We are not gone yet". I am glad you are looking into this. Rich passed away within two months of diagnosis so I was left with a huge inventory, and a lot of work. I could possibly sell decals for 100 years on some of the sets, if you went by averages and my stock. The popular sets will dwindle down and then there will come a time when I will just call it quits."
    "When I finally call it quits, the web site will no longer be on line, and I will announce it in magazines, then you can believe it."

    She also expressed some frustration with other vendors who are apparently stockpiling Champ's products, then reselling them at higher rates.

    Not only does she sound like a nice woman, the prices - both for the product and shipping - are very reasonable.

  9. ScratchyAngel

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    Clover House

    Model Railroad Supplies - Clover House

    You have to mail in your order, and sometimes things are out of stock, but I know the N scale decals I've ordered from him have been nice.
  10. csiguy

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    in my experience, i just ordered some conrail decals from microscale. they always seemed to work very well for me. course champ has some nice decals as well and they are very nice to deal with and their shipping is very fast to.
  11. jbaakko

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