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    Sorry for the bad experience. With the Testors, I printed the decals, waited 30 minutes as per instructions, then sprayed a light coat of the decal bonder, waited 1 hour, sprayed a moderately heavy coat of bonder, let that dry overnight, and it worked great. After the decals were dried the following day, I sprayed 2 coats of dullcoat to hide the decal edges.

    Now, I was printing black letters to go on a yellow box car, a light blue boxcar, and an orange boxcar. I think printing lighter colors like yellow and applying to a dark surface is going to be pretty tough regardless of the ink problem. The yellow ink is most likely translucent.

    I did need a white seagull on the orange car. For that, I used the white decal paper, and bordered the seagull imageit with orange, as close a color match to the car as I could get. Once the decal was applied and dried, I used some orange paint to blend the orange ink into the car. I haven't weathered it yet, but when it is done, it will look pretty good.

    Don't give up. Keep experimenting with different methods. And get back to us with the results.
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    Bummer! I wonder why.

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