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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by ssw_820, Jan 28, 2004.

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    A while back I purchased this product (not sure of what it is/was made of/from) called Joe's Gel. Purchased it from Joe's Model Trains off ebay. The stuff really did a GREAT job of removing the road numbers off rolling stock and locomotives without causing any damage (what so ever) to the paint scheme of the locomotive. You simply put a tooth pick drip of this stuff on the numbers or letters you wanted to remove, waiting about 10-minutes and they 'poppped' off. I ran out of the stuff. The guys web site is down for new construction. Any one know where Imight get some more of this stuf or something else that does the same thing. i have plenty of locomotives and rolling stock to change lettering and/or road numbers on. This gel even removed numbers from Proto 2000 ligth boards leaving no residue. I could then replace the 'removed number' with a 'new' light board decal number and you couldn't tell it was done at all. The stuff looked like a light blue polishing gel, but caused no damage to the paint. It olnly removed the letters and numbers. Worked on Athearn, Proto and Mantua locomoitves. Had not yet tried it on Katos.

    The guys name is/was Joe Polchlopek. I don't know if he died, went out of business or what. I do know that the product I mentioned above worked!

    Oviously, this would never be a problem if manufacturers would make more 'undecided/no road number' lcomotives and rolling stock. I'd prefer to number them my self. I currenlty have a fairly large collection of SP Black Widow GP9's, SD7's and SD9's. All have different road numbers, thanks to this stuff. Same goes for my rolling stock. Unfortunately, due to cost restraints (and numerous other production problems) model railroad manufacturers can't make hundreds of different road numbers and markings for a particular locomotive or rolling stock. Be able to due it yourself allows you to create more prototypical trains and equipment from photos.

    Can anyone help or know of another such product?


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    Well I don't know if he is up or down, but I know after a quick search on Goggle that he has a product address on

    You can go to site with a click on the following

    I see that he now deals with Dealers only - but I don't know if that is a old Web site or what.

    Here is is his email, snail mail address and phone number. If the stuff is that good likely it deseves a phone call to get a dealers name.
    Joe Polchlopek
    820 East 31 Street
    Erie, Pa. 16504
    Telephone Inquiries
    8 AM.-4 P.M. EST (814) 434-8667

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    Joes's Gel

    This is the stuff. Thanks. Does anyone know of any other "magic" stuff that can remove lettering and road numbers without damaging the locomotive paint, in the event that this Joe's Gel cannot be purchased?


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    Man, what beautiful timing! I have decided to change to a freelance RR and need to remove a lot of old names, road numbers, etc. so I can replace them with my custom decals.

    I have tried several means of removal, and none have been satisfactory. I placed an order with Joe's and hopefully will solve my problem.

    So now, it's goodbye Santa Fe, Hello Arenac & Southern!
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    Added to my favorites,I'm thinking of getting the weathering set.


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