Dec 21st Weekly Photo Fun

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    Unfortunately, it's long gone. After my brother and I had both grown out of it, we gave it to my cousin. When he was finished with it, they put it out in the garbage. In those days I never thought that much about it, but I wished that I'd still had it when my own kids came along. :cry:
    The body of the car was wood, built on a framework similar to that of a model airplane, which was my Dad's hobby. The wheels were purchased, and perhaps the lenses for the lights, but all of the trim was homemade from aluminum. The pedal-powered car had a very precise steering system, and with roller bearings at all four wheels, complete with full suspension, was the fastest one on the block, by far. I believe that my Dad's original intention was to use the car as a demonstration platform for a rotary engine that he had designed, but he ran out of money before completing it. Many more years later, he resumed work on the engine, but ran out of time before fully developing it. I still have all of the original castings for the block, and many of the machined parts, too.

    Oddly enough, many years after the photo was taken, the old man ended-up working at Studebaker.

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    My matched set of former CNW SD45s.


    All they need to be finished is the CNW "gong" style bell ,the snow plow and road#s and GVR on the cab sides.
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    Wayne, what a nice photo. Now we all know, where you got your modeling skills from. Thank you for sharing this pic :wave::wave:
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    It has arrived...

    When this year began, I only had F3 #4056 and 4-5 cars. Yesterday, I had aquired 6 more engines and a whole slew of rolling stock. Today, I aquired my biggest X-mas present:
    I give you: my first steam engine!:mrgreen:
    B&O 2781 is a Bachman Spectrum 2-8-0, and has a pre-installed decoder for DCC operation, but can run on DC also. She isn't a early runner, but her power makes up for it, for she is one [bleep] of a runner!:thumb:
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    Caught this photo of DMIR 406 taking loads down grade towards Two Harbors up in Missabe Country. ​

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    HEY FOLKS, just a reminder, this thread IS CLOSED to pictures...but COMMENTS are still WELCOME.



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