Death of an Electronic Companion

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  1. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    It is with great sorrow, I mourn the passing of my Asus K8VSE Deluxe Motherboard, and AMD 3700 Processor. While the processor still may be good, it's only home is beyond cost worthy repair. The motherboard lasted 8 years, almost to the day.

    Last night, I ordered an MSI A75MA-G55 AMD A Series Socket FM1Motherboard, and an AMD Quad-Core A8-3870K 3.0GHz processor. I had to order Ran too, so I ordered 2, AMD 4GB DDR3 Memory DDR3 RAM modules. I have a Vista Professional OS that I never used, so I will install that. The Motherboard allows for Hybrid operation of the on board Video card, so I can update the Video card, and get a very good machine out of this. It is hard to buy motherboards that do not have onboard video these days. All said and done, this will cost %254.00 dollars of which I do not have. but as we live only once, and this is the point at which I use a computer a ot, it is worth it. I have all of the other components to make this work. I like putting computers together, so at least I have some fun coming up next week. This board supports Dual Monitors, a must! :)

    Fare thee well oh ASUS K8VSE Deluxe. I thought I had made a mistake when I purchased you, oh how wrong I was!:cry:

    A picture. The board looks just like it did when new!:cry::cry::cry::cry:


    The New:



    I didn't even know AMD made RAM!?!
    I am making a new better computer though and the wife hardly blinked an eye!!balloon6bounce7aussiesign1
  2. Nosports

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    so why don't make a clock out of it ?

    Just like compund of of a loved animal
  3. PemTech

    PemTech Member

    Here! Here!
    I second the clock idea.
  4. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    Actually, All the components are of high quality, and since I know some people who still have motherboards that can use high quality AGP Video cards, and the RAM, the only thing left will be the processor and the board. The 4 Terabytes of Hard Discs are SATA's so I can use them in the new machine. I just purchased a new 2 Terabyte, that will get the O.S. and I will slave the other drive to get any data I need off of it before I format it. I actually have nicer boards for clocks. Good idea. I have seen many do it. This goes to the recycling center. :)
  5. Experimental Designs

    Experimental Designs Papercraft Visionary

    At least yours didn't die as molten slag like mine did. wall1
  6. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    You know, I was actually thinking about your experience when it died, and had the same thought!

    I just purchased a Video card for this machine because apparently, it can run in a Hybrid Crossfire arrangement. If I had money to burn, I would have probably gone a different way, but this should make a pretty powerful, and reliable machine. I'll have less than $350, using all the other components I have for it. I have a brand new Windows Vista Pro 64 bit, that I was going to use in my old machine, but ended up going for W7 Pro, in the last one, and the Vista O.S is still in it's box. At least the bugs ave been worked out of Vista for the most part. I have many friends that use it and have no problems at all. Some say W7 is Vista, just redressed.

    Funny thing is if Apple sold their O.S. separately, I might have tried it for a good laugh. Of course, none of the CAD programs I use run are compatible with Apple's O.S. systems, but it would have been interesting.

    I might have even liked it. This computer comes with a program called "Winki", which allows you to go on line and do simple tasks outside of the O.S., it is Linux based. You can run with without booting up the machine.

    It's kind of interesting link below on what it's capabilities are. :)
  7. Vince

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    I was able to hook up the wi-fi. That's about the extent of my hardware prowness. My wife is the computer geek in this family. She feels she can drive a car without knowing how to fix it, I'm the same way about computers. So between us, we can get by.

    However, fixing that stupid washing machine...

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