De Havilland DH-88 Comet

Discussion in 'Kit Announcements' started by jmueller, Sep 28, 2005.

  1. jmueller

    jmueller Member

    Hi Folks,
    new forum software, new model :).
    My website will receive a major makeover the comming weekend. And thats everything for the De Havilland DH-88 Comet. The kit will be available then. So stay tuned and check out at the weekend.

  2. NOBI

    NOBI Active Member

    Hi Jan,

    Congretulation, look forward to see another commercial model from you...:wink:
  3. jmueller

    jmueller Member

    She is available

    Hi Folks,
    I just updated my website. She is now on sale:
    the De Havilland DH-88 Comet
    klick on and have a look. I also added some new freebies to the download section.
    Hope you enjoy it!!

    Regards and thanks for all the encouragement.
  4. Leif Oh

    Leif Oh Member


    It's a done deal. Look out for my money, and many thanks! - Leif

    PS. (Edited in just an hour afterwards). Got it in the mail already, no codes, no hassle at all. Many thanks, Jan, for excellent service! And I was the first customer, too - timezones sometimes play out to one's advantage...

    The kit looks first-class. 20 pages of top-quality print; 12 pages of excellent instructions, and 8 pages of parts. Importable into Illustrator, perfect scaleability. Now I'll have to learn Illustrator, too. Phew...

    - L.
  5. wunwinglow

    wunwinglow Active Member

    Oh my poor Paypal account..... Payment sent!!

    Thanks again,

    Tim P
  6. Darwin

    Darwin Member

    Looks as if my good intentions of getting ahead of the bills lose again. Looking forward to the files.
  7. Bowdenja

    Bowdenja Active Member

    My payment is in the works too! I CAN NOT WAIT!

    Thanks for the Very Cool Plane!

  8. rowiac

    rowiac Member

    If you need some pointers in Illustrator, I might be able to help. I've scaled up some vector models myself, but only 1/72 --> 1/48 or 1/50 --> 1/33, etc. Nothing as large as what you've done.

  9. Leif Oh

    Leif Oh Member

    Help appreciated

    Thanks a million Roger! Perhaps a few pointers for the absolute beginner, wanting only to scale, separate and arrange parts on new printing sheets - i.e. not actually drawing anything.

    Here's what I learned by trial and error so far:

    1) Scaling is absolutely no problem. Select all, and scale to your heart's content.

    2) Getting to the right printing format for odd paper sizes: Find the option "Document format", check "use printer set-up" (or similar; I'm using a Swedish version of Illustrator). In printer set-up, choose your modified paper size.

    3) Create new layers (for printing in your new format) and copy parts into those. Going from 1/33 to 1/16 I usually get away with two new layers per original sheet. Sometimes a third, only partially filled, layer is necessary to accomodate parts.

    Here's what I don't quite get yet:

    1) When to use the different selection tools. There are two kinds of arrows, plus a lasso which is mostly like the second kind of arrow, I gather.

    2) Selecting a specific part is kind of difficult, since neighbouring parts often get selected too, although I haven't touched them.

    3) All kinds of weird points get selected. I realize they're part of the vector design, but it is sometimes hard to distinguish which belongs to the part I want selected, and others which belongs to neighbouring parts, and thus should be deselected.

    4) Deselection of such points often have to be made point by point.

    All in all, it is kind of cumbersome for an absolute beginner. But I managed to rearrange 6 out of 8 sheets so far, and still counting. I'd very much like to better understand what I'm doing!

    So here's an idea: Why don't you open up a new thread on "Tips for absolute beginners on rearranging parts in Illustrator", and perhaps restrict it to the tasks I outlined above (rearranging more than actually drawing).

    If you wish you could just copy relevant parts of my queries above. Should be instructive for a lot of beginners, like me.

    Once again, many thanks!

  10. wunwinglow

    wunwinglow Active Member

    I've imported the pages into Coreldraw (v11) to do much the same thing, putting all the thick card parts onto two pages, all the red bits onto common pages and so on; rescaled it to 1:32 as well, so it will match the ModelArt aircraft I haven't even started yet... Importing each page from the original pdf file worked well, apart from Corel having to substitute a whole bunch of fonts, but these only appeared to affect the instructions and part numbers. Jan, maybe next time you can convert the texts to curves, or use one of the 'universal' web-safe fonts so any browser will read it as you intended it to look.

    The artwork is vector, FANTASTIC! so can easily be rescaled without the dreaded jaggies intruding. Why on earth do people still use nasty bitmaps placed into a pdf file? Either make them NICE bitmaps, (and therefore have file sizes measured in terabits) or do what sensible Jan has done and use a vector artwork package.

    Some of the image elements were joined in rather surprising ways, but this is most likely down to the translation to pdf, then importing pdf to Corel. 'Ctrl+U' ungroouped each page easily, and combinations of 'Ctrl+K' (Break apart) and 'Ctrl+G (Group) make rearranging thing a piece of cake.

    Now I'm getting some glossy photo paper tomorrow for the external surfaces. This should be one beautiful model when it is done.

    Jan, thanks again for releasing this kit. The rest of you, if you haven't yet bought your own copy, get your Paypal out and get over to Jans website right now! Its

    (Tim P)
  11. jmueller

    jmueller Member

    Hi Folks,
    to all you rescalers: The files are compiled with Adobe Distiller into pdf format. This software obviously optimizes everything to Acrobat Reader causing trouble when importing into other softwares. If you run into problems just let me know and I will help in any way I can (different formats for problematic parts etc.).
  12. jmueller

    jmueller Member

    Hey Guys,
    I got another temptation coming up for you. The other famous Comet was the Black Magic. This one carried golden insignias. Unfortunately it did not finish the race but had to give up in Allahabad.
    Since this is only a colour conversion I took the effort to make this available, too. I did not actually build another prototype, so I will only show you a rendering.
    "Hey it's only a colour conversion, I allready got the complete kit..." you might say. Thats why I also made an Addon-Kit for all who allready got the 'Grosvenor House' or just like to have both. And another feature I thought of: I put all the insignias on a separate sheet without colour so it can be printed on golden paper. This will be downloadable.
    OK, but give me a few days to change my webpage.
    I really appreciate all the encouragement that was given to me during the development process. And I allready have new ideas!!

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  13. jmueller

    jmueller Member

    Website updated

    Hey Folks,

    I updated my website. You can now get the Comet as 'Black Magic'. English instructions are now available for download for those of you who got kits where it wasn't inlcuded. From now on all kits come with english instructions.
    The golden letters for the Black Magics can be downloaded separately and printed on golden paper.
    If you got the red Comet allready, you can choose the upgrade kit. That also works the other way round, I made an upgrade kit from Black Magic to Grosvenor House, too.
    So, it's really a conversion kit, right? :)
    Anyway, have fun with this design.
    You can follow a marvellous thread of Leif building the kit in 1:16 over at

  14. jmueller

    jmueller Member

    Hey Folks,

    the De Havilland DH-88 Comet 'Grosvenor House' is now also available at!


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