De Haviland Mosquito FB MkIV - Maly

Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by Boris, Jun 13, 2005.

  1. Boris

    Boris Member

    Hi Guys!
    I'd like to inform all of you that finally after a long time I've added to my albom new model's pictures
    This time Mosquito wich I think is one of the most special serial built aircrafts
    The model was repainted in Photoshop, the camouflage was changed to a later three color scheme with invasion strips including some serious wheatering and some smoke stains at the exhausts outlets.
    Also this model became testing ground for some new technologies I've tried, for example, one wheel is made of bunch of card discs while the other is made using threading system. Also the model's building system was changed from double formers to one former and gluing strip. More, the canopy is made of ink jet printer transparancies which is an aweful idea, the canopy became dark and started to fill with dust like there's no tomorow.

    At all, this is a pretty easy model and the original coloring is quite good. This is Maly, so forget about wheatering, wheel wells and complicate chassis, but at all it's a good model.
    If there's a question, I'll be happy to answer
  2. dimas Karabas

    dimas Karabas Member

    Very nice model. I liked the weathering effects and new camo. Way to go.
    Did you use photoshop or corel to recolor the model?
  3. cygielski

    cygielski Member

    Could you elaborate on the threading system for making wheels? I'm not clear on what that means. Thanks.
  4. Boris

    Boris Member

    Hi guys!
    dimas Karabas
    For repaint I used Photoshop 6, there's my article in this forum about how I do it, but actually it's Viacheslav Socolets' system with some additions

    to cygielski
    The "threading system" - now maybe it sounds too loud , but actually instead of making let's say 28 piesces of 0.5mm cardboard I prerare long paper strips and then roll it in cilinder.After getting to the right diameter I prepare two side card discs ,glue them to the place, and then its the sanding paper time. After I get to needed shape I color it. The bonis is that it takes a lot less time.

    Hope it helps
  5. Jim Krauzlis

    Jim Krauzlis Active Member

    Hi, Boris:
    This plane is one of my favorites from WWII and you have made a beautiful model of her! Is this the first or second issue of this model by MM? I suppose it doesn't really matter much since you re-painted her so nicely, but I have the first issue and it's a bit rough around the edges print quality-wise, compared to the current issues.

    Excellent build, Boris! Thanks for sharing the photos ...and your construction tips. :D


  6. Boris

    Boris Member

    Thanks guys!
    to Jimkrauzlis
    actually it is the second issue, dated 10-11/2000
    As far as I can understand this is a reprint of an old issue and nothing, except recoloring, changed in second issue but for some strange reason there's no gluing strips in the second issue, which is not so nice
  7. charliec

    charliec Active Member

    The prop spinners look really good on the Mosquito model - how did you do them?


  8. Boris

    Boris Member

    These spinners were another technology I tried
    I used a one component steel reinforced epoxy putty "Cargo Magicsteel" which is used for small automotive repairs (for sealing engine blocks etc.) as a filler for paper made cone.This putty is very hard and heavy but very easy to work with.
    So actually I've built a spinner from given drawings from paper and after then, filled it with this putty
    After this putty catches up, it becomes rock hard and then it's rasp and sand paper time. After getting to a wanted shape I've pained it with gouache paint with some white glue
    That's it
    Actually I think it's a bit overkill to use this heavy duty putty but it's very easy to work with

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