DCC'ing old Athearn units appreciated

Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by Wildcatfootball, Feb 19, 2007.

  1. Any easy steps or ways to DCC old units? Any help woud be much appreciated!:wave:
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    Heres an old bmp I had uploaded here. Although you can change the lighting to using the original lamp if you shorten the copper coming from the backside of it and solder the white wire to it and not use the blue wire.
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    Heres a suggestion: while your inside and have taken the motor out of the engine, take a lil lube and apply to the worm gears and inside the trucks to the gears in there. Theres nothing worse than gettin it all wired up and put back together and detailed completely, and then a few days later, you hear a scratching, grumbling noise coming from the engine. Some of those BB motors DO NOT like to be converted to DCC.:thumb:
  4. So something like this??? That seems to simply.. And I don't think I've used all the wires?:confused:

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    That is just about right, except the line running from the DCC board to top of motor is Orange not yellow. If you want to use the existing light in the Athearn unit, most decoders will work if you tie the white wire to the back of the light, at the copper strip that normally rests on top of the truck, and not tie the blue wire to any point. (that applies to single function decoders such as the Lenz LE1000W, which are as cheap as $12 plus shipping):thumb:
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    Heres a wiring diagram straight from the Lenz LE1000w, any other wires you have beyond these are for other functions (aka directional lighting, ditch, mars,....)
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  8. HOLY COW DEANO!!!:eek: Thats EXACTLY what I was hoping for!!! And it's also exactly what Thoroughbreed was saying! Well, I now have a few weekend projects to do next weekend. Thanks a TON to both of you!

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    The Gauge helped me dcc my 2 athearns :) worked out really well! allot simpler than i thought it would be when i read through some of the documentation.

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