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    I know this is not the DCC place, but it seems like it takes a little longer to get replies from there.

    I wanted to know which DCC system to go with. I will want to expand in the future to include at least one more cab, and I am going to have MANY switches I like to control as well. I plan to probably have as many as 20 or 25 locos (not all running simultanously), but I would like to be able to MU my consists. I have window shopped extensivly, and have found the one I think I want. But I would like opinions on systems that have tried and trued from you guys.

    Thanks for answering my other stuff so quickly...... :thumb:

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    JD -- Looking at the date of this post, I can't believe that none of the pros have answered you yet. I myself don't have any sort of a DCC system yet. So I also am still reseaRCHING THE FIELD. fOR MY SYSTEM, i USE WHAT IS CALLED scada pack COMPUTER CONTROLLERS AND ALSO have incorperated PLC systems. This is a system that is not for sell at any train oulet. The good computer guroo's here in the gauge would know what I'm talking about, but really not anyone else. I'm sorry that I can't help you out and I am really surprised that none of the pro's here have answered or tried to help you out yet. ( DID you pros hear that? The man needs help, don't let him down!) Best of luck to you!
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    Hi JD,
    I myself use NCE Powerhouse Pro W/ Radio. It is very user friendly and a breeze to setup. The one important thing about picking a DCC system is
    the tech support and warenty part. NCE is unsurpassed in both areas.
    I use to use CVPs Railcommand system but had to change because I wanted
    sound in my engines. I didn`t go with there Easy DCC system because like there Railcommand system the command center is mounted in a remote loction and any change you want to make would require you to walk back to the station. With NCE you have the command station in your hand. Every command is made as you move with your train. What you should do is find some fellow MRs in your area that has different systems and go play with them to see what will work for you.
    Good Luck in your search.
    Don Irace
    Superintendent of Operations

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