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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by DWeiler, Jun 15, 2003.

  1. DWeiler

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    Can antone suggest a book for wiring DCC. Have gotten 85% of track laid and need to start the wiring.

  2. K.V.Div

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    First, Welcome Aboard to one of the finest model railway forums in existance. hope you have a great time with us.:D
    In response to your question, there are only a few books out there on DCC, the most notable being: Digital Command Control, The Comprehensive Guide to DCC by Stan Ames, Rutger Friberg and Ed Loizeaux (a little dated, but still useful), The Digitrax Big Book of DCC (Aimed mainly at Digitrax users, but still very useful for wiring), and DCC Made Easy by Lionel Strang (a short basic publication aimed at the beginner).
    What I recommend though, is that you check out Allan Gartner's website: www.wiringfordcc.com
    In it he has included the most comprehensive tips and techniques on DCC wiring in existance and it is used as "THE" guide by many DCC Clubs and members to help them along. :)
    Hope this helps.

  3. railwaybob

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    Visit my website. From the Index, click on DCC. Then select your subject. I haven't covered track wiring in detail but you will see some photos of the track buss if you click on the section on wiring RJ12 jacks.
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    The Lake County Model Railroad club is just down the road from you, in the basement of Tony's Barber Shop on main St. in Wauconda. We have converted to DCC operation, and you could see how it is wired. There's usually someone there Wednesday evenings, and Friday evenings. The club is HO, just in case that's your scale. You miight also be interested that a new hobby shop has opened, on Milwaukee Ave. in downtown Libertyville.
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  6. Donn Welton

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    Web site for DCC

    One of the very best places to find information on DCC that is both readable and rich is on Loy's Toys. The address:
    Especially helpful is the discussion of turnouts.

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