DCC vs Conventional Power

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  1. As a total newbie to model railroading, I'm setting up my first layout, using atlas 083 NS track, Plan #12 in book 9 which is an UP-AND-OVER DOGBONE. Can anyone advise if I should start out using Conventional Power or should I opt for DCC? And what the advantage of DCC?? Any help would be appreciated.. :)
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    One of the main advantages of DCC is that you can control each train individually, regardless of where each is located on the layout. With conventional block control, you have to manage the power to the tracks, which can be a real hassle if you have two trains heading in opposite directions, or lots of spurs and sidings. DCC keeps power running to the entire layout at all times. The controller sends commands to the engines via the rails. This makes operation much more realistic. Another nice feature about DCC is that locos can sit idle with their headlights on--just like in real life! :)

    I'm using conventional block control, but only because of budget constraints. I swore that the next layout I built would use DCC, but here I am building a new one and still without DCC... Oh, well! Maybe next time! :)

  3. DCC vs Conventional

    Thank's for the reply, to my question, it sounds like I'll opt for DCC, I Really appreciate your willingness to spend time educating newbies. I've been amazed at how many great people have been so willing to be helpfull.... Great Club.....

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