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  1. Harold Cole

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    Just Trying to find out what you mean.No computer interface Well i can and have been running my Trainset alot with my computer through the JMRI program and when i first got into DCC well over 10 years ago i had no plans at all to run anything but DCC,I do own the Digitrax Super Cheif DCS200 and the DB200+ of course over the years i've up-graded to what i've got now.I've not had any major problems with this setup at all.I do find the Digitrax book is a bit confussing to me at times,buy am able to run 1 DC engine at at time if i want to. Harold
  2. rogerw

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    Harold I think he was responding to my question about the prodigy not having a computer interface. I would not get a system with out a computer interface. Harold what DCC system where you using back then?
  3. Harold Cole

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    I was using the Digitrax DCS100 but since have expanded (the train layout) to the point i needed a little more power and have made 2 power districts and 1 reverse loop.Most of the time on the main lines i run at least 2 Engines per train. It got to the point that i needed the extra few amps and it was time to seperate some of the layout to 2 districts so the DCS200 and the DB200+ was the ticket.

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