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    How do I set all my DCC engines to the same speed so when I run them they will all go the same speed? I know different ones are programed to different speeds [I think], but I want to try to may my engines [all] go gauge speed & with this new prodigy advance I can do this [what is the speed for N-SCALE anyway?].


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    Why would you want all your engines to run at the same speed, unless you run them in a consist? Prototypes don't run all at the same speed. What you can do, is determine what the top speed for each particular engine should be, and set variable number 5 (CV5) to the top speed you want for that engine, even at full throttle on your control, the loco won't go any faster than the speed you've set for it. (Range is 1-255, the lower the value, the slower the top speed).
    As far as "scale" speed for N-gauge (or any other gauge), I've found that' it's less to do with numbers than with what looks right to you. I gauge the speed for my trains by watching them as they go away from me. If I get the impression that I get as I see their big brothers as they move away, I know I've got the speed right. This speed is generally lower than the speed I would set if I watch the train as it goes across my line of sight.

    Good luck!!

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    The simplest way is to use CV5 and CV6 (max and mid speed) to adjust each loco:

    1. Take one loco and adjust CV5 and CV6 to get it running at the speeds you like at half and full throttle.

    2. Set values the same for a second loco. This will be approximation, since locos run differently.

    3. By experimentation, running both loco's side by side or one trailing, adjust CV's of second until its speed matches the first loco at half and full throttle.

    4. Same procedure for additional locos.

    That should get them pretty close. The only way to refine differences further is to use speed tables.

    Hope this helps.


    ENGINEERBOB New Member

    I got new engines & so got a new DCC thing & now most of my DCC's will not run because they are on the standard DCC, the new one lets me do more things. So I am going to get a new DCC control that will let me go back to the old system. See I got 6 of the standard DCC & 4 of the new type & I do not really have the space to run all of them, see I moved since that last post so now I got little space to run all my trains :)cry: ).

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    Huh? Thing? New? Old? Please use some descriptive words, so we figure out what you are talking about.

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    Sorry, forgot what the name was I was looking for the thing was the DCC controller & I have 2 1 was old & one was a new one [think the old one was the DCC that had the 3 control things [one for standard engiens & I think the other 2 were for speed of the engines & the new one is the PRODGITY ADVANCE.
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    I note that Bob has "bumped" this thread from May 2005.

    Bob, a question for you? Is English your first language? Your questions and requests don't really make much sense.

    ENGINEERBOB New Member

    I speak English & everyone has problems understanding someone [computer program.ect], also I was born 'different' & therefore I may not use the right words or spell ok [sorry]. Thankd :)
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    OK. So it might be better for us to repeat the question in our own words, and see if that is what you mean.

    Are you asking how to set your DCC locos, to all have the same top speed? Also, that when you set the throttle to, say, half speed, then all you locos will go at the same "half" speed?

    In other words, if you put one loco behind the other, and set each loco's throttle to 1/2 speed, they would not catch up to each other, but run along always the same distance apart?

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    Thanks, dad is getting me a new DCC control so I can control all of my DCC engines.

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