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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by CN1, Feb 8, 2004.

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    This is a question for you electronic genius..:D

    I have the MRC Prodigy DCC System. BTW Most people don't even bother to look at it. Funny cuz it does all major DCC functions & programing (Consisting, momentum, sound, horn, bell, coupling bla, bla bla). The one drawback is the amount of programing you can do. It is not infinite.

    Will it be possible to "build" a different handheld that could be "plugged in" the command station for advanced programing?

    With everything available DCC and electonic wise, why not?

    BTW I just read that the basic Atlas Master DCC did not provide for advanced consisting and only supported functions 0,1 & 2. :eek::confused: (Model Railroad News Jan 2004) Funny thing cuz the Prodigy does...:p ;)
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    Well this just ain't true. I emailed John Sipple about running so far behind in the reviews. I bought my Atlas system in 2002 and it has consisting and 5 functions and HandCommands.

    John is a really nice guy and puts out a very good magazine, one of my favorites.

    Sorry I can't help with your real question.

    My motto is "Any DCC is better than NO DCC!"

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    Ok then.

    Yes I agree any DCC is better then no DCC. BTW my LHS allows me to bring my Loco if I want to go "in-depth" with programing. He allows me to use the Digitrax Empire builder. I still prefer mine. Easy to use
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    Just ranting

    Find someone with a Lenz system and program on theirs. But there is a finite amount of things you can program into a decoder; such as 256 steps for throttle (whick is 249 more than a real GE loco has:) ) and I question wheather under normal conditions if it is something we need mess with. It's sort of like having a graphic equalizer on your sound system. We ususally fiddle with them levers and the music ends up sounding worse after we screw with it for a hour or two. So we set it all back to level (default) in discust. I'm sure some people who are DDCphiles can make them run and have the same throttle response and torque curve as the real locos, but not me. Most of the time I am happy if they run all the way around the layout without stalling on a dirty spot, uncoupling, derailing, or wrecking into the caboose which uncoupled on the last lap. When I get all that whipped, and my layout is all done and sceniced (read never), then I might mess with torque curves and scale stopping distances and such, but until then I just want to KISS. That's why I purchased the simplistic Prodigy to begin with. But, if you enjoy messing with them things then maybe you should of purchased a Lenz to begin with? So sell the Prodigy on ebay and don't even buy a Lenz on my say (because I really have no idea what DCCphiles are using and basically don't have a clue to what I'm talking about). Check out one of them advanced DCC user groups on Yahoo clubs. Them guys mess with decoder using PCs to program them and such and they will know what to tell you to buy so you can play with them in the big leauges. FRED

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