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  1. 20bucknutdave07

    20bucknutdave07 New Member

    i just bought a digitrax zephyr system to run my blackstone k27 model but for some reason it wont recognize the loco and it just runs idle and i can get any sounds or acceleration to work? any ideas why this is and what i can do?

    dave t.
  2. 20bucknutdave07

    20bucknutdave07 New Member

    so i figured out what the problem was....even though the manuals said the decoders are set to ID3......they were actually set to the road number of the engine! all is well!

    Dave Tenney
    Krystal City & Gothic RR
  3. steamhead

    steamhead Active Member

    Is that K27 HO..?? Looks to be a sweeeet engine...
  4. 20bucknutdave07

    20bucknutdave07 New Member

    blackstone models, as far as i know are strictly HOn3....theyre extremely nice engines. for their size they have amazing detail and to have tsunami sound already installed and only about $350, that in itself is amazing. blackstone is releasing their c-19 i believe in december 2009 again with tsunami installed. i really hope they contine the mikados and make the 28 and 36 i dont care much for the 37's.

    i would recomend blackstone to anyone....precision scale(mountain model imports) make a great engine too but their big downfall is for $300 you only get the engine no sound so add another $100 for sound, if you have someone do it for you it raises the total cost to almost $600 :(

    David Tenney
    Krystal City & Gothic RR

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