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    Okay, Now that I have had my "which-to-buy" question answered, I have another:

    As I mentioned before, I have an MRC Tech 3 Model 9000 DC powerpack that I love and want to keep using. I will be upgrading my locomotives to DCC only to be compatible if I happen to want to run on a friend's layout or a club layout that has DCC.

    The qustion is, How well do DCC decoders run on straight DC? Do lights and things still work? I have next to no knowledge of DCC beyond how it works and why, including what it is like to actually run DCC.

    Thanks again
  2. steamhead

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    Hi...You don't say how many locos you might be converting to DCC...But if it's more than a couple...it'll be a mighty expensive admission ticket to the club. Why not go DCC all the way..AND still use the MRC pack..?? The Digitrax Zephyr offers the feature of being able to use an existing "power pack" as an additional throttle....Just the ticket...
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    I have acquired a Galloping Goose with DCC and sound. I've been running it on my DC layout with no problems. The instructions talk about this (for half a page before going on to all the DCC instructions). Last week I found the DC sound controller they sell (in the sale bin at the LHS) and added that.
    I've had no problems in the couple of months I've been running it.
  4. thaddeusthudpucker

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    I have about 8 locomotives that will be converted to DCC. I plan on using $20 decoders in them. I will also be wiring them in such a way that they can use 8-pin NMRA plugs. I spotted NMRA plugs on Tony's Train Exchange, and what I will most likely do is to rewire all the locomotives and use jumper plugs. Then I will incrementally buy decoders for the fleet, as money permits. As I currently do not have a layout, merely some EZ track that I set up when I need a train fix, a Zephyr system would be WAAAY overkill in my opinion, as well as a bit cost prohibitive. $50 to be able to run a couple locomotives on a club layout with DCC versus $300 to run DCC on a loop of EZ track, I think I'll take the first option.

    Maybe when I have a layout on which more than 1 train has the potential to be run at once, I will get a system. But in the meantime, I just needed to know if there were any issues with lights or any other digital muckery I needed to do.

    The Fleet:
    Athearn F59PHI (Amtrak 469)
    Athearn C44-9W (painted in my oen road colors)
    (3) Athearn F units
    Athearn PA1
    (2) Rivarossi E units
    Bachmann Niagara 4-8-4 (UP)

    Each of these locomotives run very well, and I enjoy running them immensely. Since my interests seem to be locotmoves and passenger cars, my collection has grown disproportionately thus.

    Thanks again!
  5. diburning

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    as long as the decoders are dual mode (can run on DCC or DC) you will be fine. Not all decoders can do both. For the low end decoders (around $20), all TCS decoders, and some NCE decoders will be able to do that. Low end Digitrax decoders will not be able to run dual mode.
  6. thaddeusthudpucker

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    So Digitrax is out. I have not heard of TCS, abd I was sort of leaning oward NCE anyway.

    Should it list on the feature list whether or not it will run dual mode?
  7. diburning

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