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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by jr switch, Feb 4, 2007.

  1. jr switch

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    When you buy a diesel engine and the catalog description says, " DCC on board " and it is DCC equiped, what exactly do they mean? If you want to run this engine on a DCC system, what will have to be done to the engine itself? Will it need a chip or are they saying it already has one and it needs to be programed? Can someone enlighten me? Thanks-----John R and Josh
  2. EngineerKyle

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    Hi J and J,

    It means it has a decoder. You will have to do nothing special, other than maybe move a jumper on some brands, apart from addressing it with your DCC controller. Follow the instructions that came with your controller (DCC system) to do this and you should be off and running.

    What brand is it?
  3. UP SD40-2

    UP SD40-2 Senior Member

    'DCC on board" means the DCC decoder IS IN IT:thumb:. so IT WILL run on DCC right out of the box!:thumb: you MIGHT(you might not have to) have to take the shell off and pull a pin though, but its NOT A BIG DEAL;). the instructions you get with the engine will tell you what to do, as far as if there is a pin in it that has to be pulled;). :D -Deano EDIT: sorry Kyle, you posted while i was writing.
  4. J. Steffen

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    Good thing I had learned about DCC ON BOARD and DCC Ready before I made any purchases. I would have sat there and wondered why my new loco wanted to take off like a bat out of hell when I placed it on the track. I think it's a deliberate sales tactic that borders on unethical when some of the companies advertise, "DCC READY!" It gives the user the impression that he or she is good to go. I would rather them say, "DCC Capable".
  5. prodigy2k7

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    lol thats probably the whole idea, make a wrong purchase and not get what u intended to :p (now ur fixed to store credit) lol..
    never know lol..
    edit: fixed a typo :p
  6. jr switch

    jr switch Member

    These are two GP30's from Bachmann. They both run great on DC as stated, but are set up to operate on DCC if desired. I will try to find the instruction sheet that came with them or call Bachmann for a copy. Thanks again guys for your input-----John / Josh
  7. J. Steffen

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    I think when Bachman says equiped; it pretty much means on board. The seem to be good about that stuff. I have a GP40 that came in their EZ controller kit and it works fine. A little noisey but fine.
  8. EngineerKyle

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    I can top that, I saw a Bachmann, I think, that was labelled DCC Plug Equipped what the heck is THAT 'sposed to mean?

  9. jeffrey-wimberl

    jeffrey-wimberl Active Member

    DCC plug equipped means the same as DCC ready. DCC onboard means the loco is equipped with a decoder and is ready to go. I buy the Bachmann DCC onboard locos because they're cheap. When they eventually die, almost always due to motor failure, I pull the decoder and install it in one of my P2K's or Athearn's.
  10. nhguy

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    The newer Bachmann steam locos will have Sountraxx Tsunami technology DCC sound decoders in them. This is why I don't have my Tsunami Alco diesel decoder yet. :(
  11. EngineerKyle

    EngineerKyle Member

    I knew that, but it SURE seems like deceptive product labeling, like the guy who tryed to sell me a Timox watch.

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