DCC in Riverossi?

Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by Thoroughbreed, Dec 14, 2006.

  1. Thoroughbreed

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    I have recently aquired quite a few riverossi locos and want to know if I can put DCC decoders in these? I know they will have to be hard wired (isolated from the frame), but because of the motor type, can they wired for DCC?
    I've been researching a few systems and decided upon the following system to use, the CVP 4EDSXA:
    http://www.cvpusa.com/easydcc_system_command_station.php and i will add an extra booster for $69 and 5a ps for $44.
  2. Thoroughbreed

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  3. shaygetz

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    Not all are as easy as the Big Boy. In fact, I was surprised at how easy it was owing to my experience with other Rivarossis. Take them one at a time, the hard part being that necessity to isolate the motor from the frame. The older Hudson, the Docksider and Cab Forward are like this especially.
  4. UP SD40-2

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    after reading that, i feel quite lucky:D, my Riverossi UP F-E-F Class 3 Northern was DCC ready, the LokSound decoder i put in it was a tight fit, but worked out:thumb:. :D -Deano
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    The Blue Goose isnt isolated, I had to work on it and replace the plastic driveshaft, It wont be a problem isolating them though, they use part of the motor frame to connect to the brush, just have to interrupt that segment. I've got about 15 Rivarossi steam engines to convert, and about 40 Athearn Blue Boxes. I'll be busy for awhile.:rolleyes:
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    Actually the Blue box Athearns aren't difficult as there is a harness available if you don't mind the cost. Even if you don't use the harness they are pretty simple, just think after 10 you'll be a pro!!


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